Thukker Mix Transfers Key Assets to Core Complexion

New Eden News | YC120-02-13 - By Lina Ambre

M-MD3B, Great Wildlands - In a joint press release, Thukker Mix and Core Complexion Inc. have announced that both corporations have finalized the transfer of ownership of several key assets from the Thukker research and development company to the Sebiestor industrial powerhouse.

Despite numerous enquiries from the business press at the release conference, corporate representatives refused to elaborate on the assets that were being transferred. However, sources inside a research and development circle associated with the Sebiestor tribe have informed us that among them was title to the design and licensing rights of the Jaguar-class assault frigate, with the payment made by Core Complexion reckoned as "substantially more than its worth". Our source declined to speculate on what other elements of the asset package accounted for such a payment.

Thukker Mix CEO Egar Aldinold, when approached by reporter Ret Gloriaxx, had the following to say: "I am unable to elaborate on the details of the transaction, but I will confirm that the rights to our highly successful Jaguar-class have been assigned to Core Complexion. This matter was finalized several weeks ago, and I am sure our dear friends at Core Complexion will soon release their first revision of the Jaguar to the public."

Core Complexion Inc. officials confirmed an upcoming blueprint and firmware revision of the Jaguar-class ships would soon be released but were unwilling to comment further on the matter.