Space-Time Disturbances "Indicate a Spike in Wormholes" Leading to Drifter Hive Systems

New Eden News | YC121-08-09 - By Lina Ambre

Yulai, Genesis - Project Discovery's network of deep space astrometric arrays has detected "an increase in spatio-temporal disturbances with a signature matching those emanating from unstable wormholes associated with Drifter Hive Systems," according to an advisory issued by the CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency (CDIA).

The CDIA advisory notes that this "could indicate a spike in wormholes forming as connections to Drifter Hive systems" and adds that "multiple spatio-temporal signals resonating with these increased disturbances could be caused by additional wormholes forming between Drifter Hive systems and other systems in the Anoikis network."

The CDIA notice raises its advice on exercising caution when travelling near ruined Jove Observatories and unidentified wormholes to "avoid if possible, exercise extreme caution on encountering, and leave the vicinity immediately." The CDIA have also reiterated longstanding CONCORD advice that "exploration of Drifter Hive Systems should be avoided at all costs."

CDIA Capsuleer Support Project

In a related development, the CDIA has confirmed that is preparing a series of technical readout datafiles for the use of newly-qualified capsuleers and expects to make a more detailed announcement shortly. The project is believed to be part of CONCORD 's continuing effort to build up capsuleer force capabilities during the Triglavian invasion crisis and is reportedly benefitting from resources provided by the New Eden Defense Fund.

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