CONCORD Warns Against Delving Too Deep as Abyssal Filaments are Recovered from Data Sites

New Eden News | YC120-05-29 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - CONCORD's Commander Vex Amita has issued a warning to capsuleers against "delving too deep in Abyssal Deadspace" on pain of suspect flagging for those reaching the "far depths of this dangerous and existentially threatening domain".

As reports of capsuleers acquiring "Abyssal Filaments" and entering abyssal deadspace have continued to come in, CONCORD officials held a press conference to declare broad support for "limited exploration of the Triglavian domain" while cautioning that those entering abyssal pockets designated "Tier 4 or 5", also codenamed "Raging" or "Chaotic", will be flagged as suspects on emerging from the Abyss.

Fleet Captain Oveg Drust of the DED's Genesis Fleet confirmed that this measure had been enacted due to the "existential threat posed by the increased risks of subversion and suborning of capsuleers operating in such locations by the Triglavian Collective, who we continue to consider a clear and present danger to the people of New Eden".

Commander Amita and Fleet Captain Drust both declined to comment on the matter of the recently recovered Triglavian ship or claims of CONCORD agency "black ops".

The Scope will continue to report on this developing situation.