CONCORD Inner Circle Summit Breakthrough on Emergency Militia War Powers Act

New Eden News | YC122-03-24 - By Lina Ambre

Yulai, Genesis - CONCORD's Inner Circle Summit on the militia warzones crisis has made a diplomatic breakthrough on the rules for strategic operations and system control as laid out in the Emergency Militia War Powers Act YC110 (EMWPA). The so-called "YC122 Revision 1" to the EMWPA will also provide a framework for future revisions dealing with the status of orbital bodies in militia warzone systems.

CONCORD's executive and directive council, made up of Empire Delegates and CONCORD's Presidium, the Inner Circle has been deadlocked for months over the breakdown in norms and conventions concerning the conduct of warfare and administration of occupations in the two militia warzones that straddle the Amarr-Minmatar and Caldari-Gallente borders, respectively. While high-intensity talks continue on the status of planetary and other orbital bodies, the newly-agreed EMWPA YC122 Revision 1 measures are coming into force across the warzones by Inner Circle directive.

In a major concession to the Amarr Empire's delegate, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, the influence of special interests groups and agents operating from militia stations will be heavily curtailed. The Minmatar Republic's Keitan Yun was for his part keen to see that "outside parties be properly designated as valid combat targets when intruding on militia operations." It is believed that the Federation's Devan Malate continues to back the Republic's position. The State's Alakoni Ishanoya was apparently in support of all these measures while promoting revisions aimed at enhancing the role of battleships and other heavy vessels produced by Caldari megacorporations.

Diplomatic sources have indicated that the breakthrough is in large part due to the intervention of the Society of Conscious Thought's Elder Mentor Matshi Raish. Considerable pressure on forging a solution has also been brought to bear by Federation President Jacus Roden and the Chief Executive Panel of the Caldari State. CONCORD's Presidium, together with the DED and AEGIS, has additionally been highly concerned that escalating warfare between the empires could render New Eden highly vulnerable to Triglavian invasions, Drifter subversion efforts or the depredations of Sansha's Nation and the Blood Raider Covenant.

In Other News

  • Gallente Federation Security Council Eases Restrictions on Communications Bandwidth as Infrastructure Restoration Completed

  • Minmatar Tribal Council Meeting to Consider "New Measures to Enhance Internal Security of the Minmatar Republic"

  • Explosion on Muttokon II Claims Life of Krullefor Organization Underboss; Mercenary Commandos Reported at Scene

  • Strange Signals Rumored to Emanate from Goinard II; AEGIS Operation Reported to be Underway; No Comment from CONCORD

  • Federal Defence Union Capsuleer Militia Complete Operation to Seize Control of Entire Kurala Constellation

  • Capsuleer Offensive Against Triglavian Stellar Manipulator Installations Claims Complete Removal Outside Invasion Zones