Caldari State Workers Union Day Celebrations Accompanied by State-Empire Trade Meeting

New Eden News | YC119-09-04 - By Lina Ambre

New Caldari - As workers across the Caldari State are celebrating one of the few universal holidays mandated by the Caldari Executive Panel across all corporate territories and holdings, the State leadership is meeting with representatives of the Amarr Empire for talks on trade and inter-empire economic policy.

The Caldari State 'Big 8' megacorp CEOs have convened for their yearly State Industrial Planning Summit with the attendance of guests from the Amarr Empire, including Royal Heirs Hamideh Kador and Tunir Tash-Murkon. A diplomatic visit by two Royal Heirs acting as personal representatives of Empress Catiz I is being taken as a sign of the importance that the Imperial Throne places on smoothing over the lately ruffled relationship between State and Empire.

The interests of the Amarr Empire and Caldari State were placed at odds over the closure of the Caldari-Gallente borders by the State during the Kyonoke Crisis and in its aftermath. Coming less than a year after the coronation of Empress Catiz, the involvement of the Amarr Empire is believed to have been crucial in swaying certain megacorps to the side of re-opening the borders. Caldari interests aligned with the so-called 'Practicals' bloc have let it be known that they view the intervention as a deeply unfortunate choice for the first major diplomatic action of Her Imperial Majesty's reign.

It is not clear if there will be an official communique on the topic of Amarr-Caldari relations from SIPS YC119. Caldari observers note that the usual practice is for an industrial planning and policy digest to be issued by the CEP to all State agencies and megacorporation industries in the following weeks.

Meanwhile, the Caldari citizenry are enjoying street carnivals, corporate banquets, and the much anticipated and enjoyed 'Freedom of the Hallways' across the Caldari State on Workers Union Day.