Caldari State Uncovers Evidence of Amarr Spying as Diplomatic Crisis Deepens

New Eden News | YC125-02-24 - By Lina Ambre

concord hq yulai Above: CONCORD Assembly HQ, Yulai System

Caldari State Uncovers Evidence of Amarr Spying as Diplomatic Crisis Deepens

Yulai, Genesis – Caldari State investigators have uncovered evidence of Amarr Empire agents gathering information on Caldari efforts to develop so-called "Interstellar Shipcaster" technology, according to sources at the CONCORD Assembly in Yulai. The Caldari investigation team is understood to have confirmed in substance the accusations by the Minmatar Republic of espionage carried out by Amarr agents operating through a joint EDENCOM and CONCORD technology intelligence taskforce.

Investigators from Caldari Navy Intelligence are understood to have worked closely with operatives of "Archive K" of the House of Records, an organization believed to be a secret intelligence and security agency answering to the Chairman of the Chief Executive Panel, Akimaka Saraki. The investigation team has apparently gathered materials, data, and testimony to be used in a report on the EDENCOM-CONCORD taskforce that Caldari delegate Mens Reppola, CEO of Ishukone Corporation, intends to present to a closed session of the CONCORD Assembly.

As news of the Caldari findings emerged, it was also reported that Royal Heir Hamideh Kador has been recalled to Amarr Prime for a meeting of the Privy Council and "consultations with Empress Catiz I". Minmatar Ambassador Keitan Yun has urged a "full investigation into EDENCOM and the AG12 Technology Monitoring Office by independent parties", although it is unclear which "independent parties" would be in a position to carry out an adequate inquiry.

Gallente Ambassador Devan Malate has continue to press the Federation's position that "this incident shows the wisdom of the technology-sharing treaties, and the importance of enforcing them and the general interstellar order". The Federation position has been described by Republic Prime Minister and CONCORD Assembly member Tobias Efrit as "repugnantly disingenuous and self-serving hypocrisy". Prime Minister Efrit made his remarks to reporters as he departed for a security conference between Caldari and Minmatar officials in the Airaken system.

airaken border def Above: Caldari Navy Border Defense Post, Airaken System

Caldari-Minmatar Security Conference Held in Airaken with Spying Row in Focus

Airaken, The Forge – Caldari and Minmatar political, military, and security officials are reported to be participating in a security co-operation conference in the Airaken system, with the EDENCOM-CONCORD espionage scandal believed to be at the top of the agenda. Reports indicate that the conference is being personally hosted by Hyasyoda Corporation CEO Ahtonen Osmon at the megacorporation's station in orbit of Airaken VI, Moon 3.

Attendees from the Caldari side are also indicated to include members of Caldari Navy Intelligence and even the secretive head of the House of Records Archive K. It has been reported that representatives of NOH's Internal Securty and SuVee's Peace and Order Unit corporations are also involved in the conference. One confirmed attendee is the famed Minato Zumari, a hero of the Caldari Navy and founder of the mercenary corporation Zumari Force Projection, known to be closely tied to the Caldari military.

The Minmatar delegation to the conference includes long-serving Krusual parliamentarian and Shakor ally, Prime Minister Tobias Efrit, together with members of the Republic Security Services and Republic Fleet Intelligence. Khumatar Allek Berialsh, Chief Director of the RSS Planetary Security Khumatariat, is also reported to be attending alongside representatives of the Tribal Council.

It has been speculated but not confirmed that Executive General Heika Torigo and Hetman General Kanth Filmir will also be present at the conference. The two officers are respectively the overall commanders of the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic operations in the militia warzones. Given the gravity of the EDENCOM-CONCORD spying row and the strain it has placed on relations between the State and Empire, there is much speculation that Caldari and Minmatar diplomacy may be looking to effect a realignment in the structure of interstellar alliances.

heika torigo briefing Above: Executive General Heika Torigo, staff briefing (file image)

Senators Kelen Ontbad and Shaileen Ramnev Visit Intaki Prime on Fact-Finding Mission

Intaki, Placid – A Federation Senate delegation visiting Intaki Prime on a "fact-finding mission" is being led by Senators Kelen Ontbad and Shaileen Ramnev, both former candidates for President of the Gallente Federation. The senatorial mission is scheduled to inspect Federation military installations across Intaki Prime but is first meeting with the Executive Council of the Intaki Assembly, chaired by Chief Councillor Vera en Sullacio.

Senator Ontbad is a long-standing member of the Federal Senate with a following in the Federation's Minmatar diaspora, although the Vherokior artist and political activist is not universally admired across the large population drawn from numerous tribes and clans. Senator Shaileen Ramnev was elected to the Senate for the subdistrict of Greater Arcurio Region, Luminaire in this year's Senate quintile elections, filling a seat that covers her old mayoralty of the city of Arcurio on Caldari Prime.

The visit to Intaki Prime by the Senate delegation has been cautiously welcomed by Senator Suvio Bellaron, who said, "I trust that my senatorial colleagues will be able to see that the federal military have over-reached badly here and that the Senate should resist and rollback the militarization of the Intaki system by President Aguard's administration." Jonas Ivestara, leader of the Intaki Autonomists, expressed outright scepticism that the visit would "bear any but the most bitter fruit given this Senate delegation's focus on talking with the Federation military and the collaborationist Executive Council."

min ctn amo iii Above: Minmatar Republic Fleet Station under construction, Amo system

News in Brief

  • Minmatar Military Station Construction in Amo Proceeds on Track as Republic Fleet Takes Delivery of New Capital Ships and Escort Vessels

  • Construction of Amarr HQ and Fortifications in Mehatoor Enters New Phase as Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Inspects Newly-Assigned Ships

  • Guristas Pirates Launch New Raids on Caldari State Facilities in DS-M4Q Constellation, Syndicate Region

  • Serpentis Corporation Reported to Have Brokered Territorial Agreements Between Organized Crime and Smuggling Networks

  • Angel Cartel Assault Nefantar Mining Association Colonies in Kehrara, Derelik, Stealing Equipment and Materials

  • Blood Raiders Seize Convoy Transporting Large Shipment of Warclone Blanks from Fabai Constellation

  • Sisters of EVE Report Widespread Devastation on Soshin VI as Sansha's Nation Incursion Breaches Planetary Defenses

  • EDENCOM Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Summoned to Attend CONCORD Assembly Session by Inner Circle President

  • Reports from Vale in Triglavian-Occupied Pochven Indicate Raids on Planets by Svarog Clade Assault Troops

  • Caldari Resistance on Sakenta V Reports Telescopic Observation of "Battle in Orbit Between Perun Clade Fleet and Gigantic Rogue Drone"

  • EDENCOM Monitoring Station in Raravoss Detects "Large Energy Discharges in Suborbital Zone of Raravoss III"