Caldari State Significantly Advancing Stellar Transmuter Understanding in Technology "Shadow War"

New Eden News | YC125-04-18 - By Lina Ambre

state stellar research center Above: Caldari State Stellar Research Center, Onnamon system

Caldari State Significantly Advancing Stellar Transmuter Understanding in Technology "Shadow War"

New Caldari, The Forge – The Caldari State's efforts to achieve an understanding of Stellar Transmuter technology are reported to have made significant strides in recent weeks, with major progress made due to capsuleers loyal to the State acquiring and submitting large quantities of research data. State Chairman Akimaka Saraki praised the efforts of loyalist capsuleers as "in the finest traditions of Caldari enterprise and ingenuity", after the Chief Executive Panel received the latest progress briefing from Executive General Heika Torigo.

The State's progress has been such that Caldari research operations are now actively developing the finer details of Stellar Transmuter technology. This is likely to mean mercenaries and capsuleer groups active in the so-called "Shadow War" raiding State facilities will gain materials valuable for making progress in this research field.

While the State's progress has been considerable, the Federation's capsuleers have been advancing Gallente research efforts into both Stellar Transmuter and Transport Relay technology in a broad effort to catch up to the other empires. Against a background of ongoing militia warfare, and reluctance by some capsuleers to raid former allies or new friends, the Amarr and Minmatar efforts to obtain access to Transport Relay technology have been steady but somewhat slower. Competition among three empires and fewer opportunities for acquiring research data given the present Caldari State monopoly has also reduced the rate of Transport Relay technology research for the Federation, Empire, and Republic.

fednav intaki star Above: Federation Navy facility in orbit of Intaki star

Uneasy Peace Holding on Intaki Prime as Assembly Elections Loom

Intaki, Placid – Despite continuing protests against the Federal military presence, and isolated incidents of violence, the situation on Intaki Prime has been largely peaceful for several weeks, undercutting the arguments of those who have advocated delaying the upcoming elections for the Intaki Assembly.

System-wide ballots for the Assembly are due to be held in the first week of May, with the heavily-populated Intaki homeworld electing the the vast majority of seats. While the Intaki Assembly is the system government for Intaki, in practice it primarily functions as the planetary government of Intaki Prime. The other planets of the Intaki system are considered semi-autonomous territories with Assembly representation, while the system's space administration falls under the Federal franchise system, with the Assembly formally designated as the sovereign franchiser.

The Gallente Federation's invasion and self-declared liberation of Intaki and ten neighboring Placid region systems has put the status of the Federal franchise in Intaki and the wider Viriette constellation in serious question. The Intaki Autonomist movement charges that Federation Navy occupation of the Intaki system has breached the treaties under which the system joined and maintained its membership of the Gallente Federation. The Autonomists played a leading role in the mass protests that convulsed Intaki Prime for many days, while opposing the armed struggle declared by the Free Intaki Army.

For its part, the Free Intaki Army has declared a ceasefire for the elections period and endorsed the Intaki Lamkatka political party, a nationalist group connected to a radical sect of the Ida faith. Intaki Lamkatka is led by Siaka Idama, a spiritual figure who has spent much of her long career preaching that the Intaki will only be secure and free to pursue spiritual rebirth and liberation if they are "unshackled" from the Gallente Federation. With the Intaki Autonomists led by the charismatic yet pragmatic Jonas Ivestara, the ruling moderate faction of Chief Councillor Vera en Sullacio is expected to face a challenging election campaign.

fednav intaki ii Above: Federation Navy base orbiting planet Intaki II

News in Brief

  • 24th Imperial Crusade Militia Makes Stand in Kurniainen System Following Minmatar Offensive into Bleak Lands

  • Republic Fleet Forces Resume Probing of Sarum Fortifications in Eugidi After Entire Constellation Secured

  • Federal Defense Union Retakes Moclinamaud as Gallente Fightback in Placid Region Continues

  • State Protectorate Assaults Onatoh System as Fierce Fighting Rages Across Isoma Pocket in the Citadel

  • Hetman General Kanth Filmir Tours Transport Relay Research Facility as Minmatar Maintain Lead in Tech Acquisition

  • Vice Admiral Foriana Revelli Holds Talks with Intaki Chief Councillor Vera en Sullacio on Assembly Elections Security

  • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Hosts Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez as Khanid Military Delegation Visits Mehatoor System

  • Executive General Heika Torigo to Return to Onnamon as Caldari HQ Fleet Allocations and Navy Station Construction Continue

  • Guristas Pirates Carry Out Simultaneous Raids on Quafe Facilities Reportedly Storing Nanoparticle Infused Drinks in 2P-4LS

  • Reports Claim Sighting of Angel Cartel's Rafik Zohar Leading Assault on Ammatar Fleet Research Base on Camal IX

  • Intaki Assembly Militia Seize Billion ISK Shipment of Illegal Drugs and Boosters in Raid on Serpentis Base on Intaki III

  • KK's Home Guard Fight Off Sansha's Nation Raiding Parties Alongside Tash-Murkon Forces in Multiple Engagements in Sanair Constellation