Caldari State and Amarr Empire Establish Military HQs in Aftermath of Relay and Transmuter Research

New Eden News | YC125-01-30 - By Lina Ambre

cal ftg gt onnamon kinakka Above: new Caldari State fortifications at Onnamon gate into Kinakka system

Caldari State Fortify Onnamon and Senior Commanders Briefed on Relay Research Technology

Onnamon, Black Rise – Caldari forces continue to build up their military and logistic networks in their newly-declared "Joint Navy and Militia HQ" in Onnamon system, following a communique from Caldari State authorities to capsuleer pilots loyal to the State Protectorate militia, last week.

Although the official establishment of Onnamon as the overall command headquarters for Caldari operations in the Caldari-Gallente Militia Warzone was somewhat marred by a Sansha's Nation incursion in the Aokinen constellation, fortification of stargates and the foundation of a new station construction site went ahead as planned under heavy Navy guard. The Sansha's Nation incursion withdrew after a week of attempts to break Caldari defenses met heavy resistance from planetary forces across Aokinen.

Executive General Heika Torigo expressed satisfaction at the success of fortification operations in Onnamon, and indicated her eagerness to complete construction of the new Caldari Navy station in orbit of the seventh planet. General Torigo also commended the capsuleers of the State Protectorate militia for their "fortitude and skill in repelling Federation assaults on State holdings" in the warzone. In related developments, General Torigo also held a senior operational and combat command officers briefing at the State Protectorate station in Onnamon, with information to be transmitted to "all hands" provided to attending commanders.

Reports from sources within the Caldari armed forces indicate that the briefing included authorized information on the Serthoulde Campaign of YC124 centered on holding Athounon system, constructing a new stargate, and a "Relay Research" program. All these efforts involving heavy capsuleer militia participation and are believed to have significantly advanced Caldari interests in the wider theater of conflict with the Gallente Federation.

Perhaps of greatest interest were the additional details on the impact of the research program based on exploitation of Triglavian technology discovered in Athounon and the wider Serthoulde constellation. General Torigo's briefing is understood to have confirmed for general release that the core Triglavian technology obtained by the Caldari from the Serthoulde campaign is a form of "novel technology capable of interstellar FTL transport, and in theory of high precision and unbounded range."

Rumors from Athounon system have suggested that the Triglavian facility was experimenting with "planetary invasion technology" or some form of human scale precision transport relay. Sources in EDENCOM, CONCORD, and the other three core empires have variously expressed concern or scepticism at the level of threat posed by such technology. One particularly well-placed source in the Amarr Empire has claimed that the Caldari research program "achieved a basic understanding of the overall technology but has plainly not achieved fine control, or even developed the necessary resources to initiate operation at even a trials stage."

am ftd gt mehatoor raa Above: new Imperial military facilities at Mehatoor gate into Raa system

Amarr Empire Defiant on Transmuter Technology and Establishes HQ in Mehatoor Following Caldari Move

Mehatoor, Devoid – Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh has reiterated the determination of the Amarr Empire to continue "developing Stellar Transmuter technology in order to exploit this critical strategic technology." As Supreme Commander of Imperial efforts to "pacify the Rebel Provinces", an Amarr revanchist term for the Minmatar Republic, Marshal xer Qosh has been at the forefront of promoting Amarr efforts to capitalize on the Stellar Transmuter technology captured from the Triglavians in Arshat system during the Invasions.

Sources familiar with Amarr court politics indicate that Marshal xer Qosh, a longtime and hardline "Throne Loyalist", is essentially a proxy for Empress Catiz I, with recent political moves involving an apparent attempt to bind the Royal Ardishapur and Sarum Families to Imperial military policy. A struggle for power and control between Marshal xer Qosh's Imperial Navy command elements, alongside the powerful Ministry of War, against the Ardishapur and Sarum controlled Imperial Military Circuits holding jurisdiction over the "Rebel Provinces" is said to be underway.

Against this background, the Royal Houses of Kador and Kor-Azor are claimed to be focusing on strengthening their domestic, economic, and diplomatic power, while the Empress's own former House of Tash-Murkon pursues trade and diplomatic policies firmly in line with the "will of the Imperial Throne." The inscrutable and unpredictable House Khanid has meanwhile been reported to have been rebuilding its economic, scientific, and military capabilities following a thoroughgoing purge. While this internal security operation began as a "crusade" against heretics and cultists, it has also served to completely eliminate nascent opposition to King Khanid III's rule of the autonomous Khanid Kingdom.

While attending a ceremony to formally declare Mehatoor a combined fleet group HQ, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh once more commended capsuleer militia fighters of the 24th Imperial Crusade for their "vigorous efforts in defense of Holy Amarr and to advance the light of the Imperial Throne's wisdom across territories too long blighted by heresy, terrorism, and the radical evil of Shakorite policies."

Further addressing the aftermath of the Turnur Incident and the capture of Imperial Prototype Stellar Transmuters in Egmar and Vard, Marshal xer Qosh exalted the "achievements" of Amarr while pouring scorn on the Minmatar response:

"It is clear that the result of our operations in Turnur system were not the optimal outcome but the fact remains that our efforts to harness the power of stellar transmutation achieved the goal of altering the local space-time topology. Moreover, having learned from our first steps, naturally imperfect because they were human, we shall persist with efforts to develop this power. On the other hand, the Minmatar having seized control of our other facilities by low treachery and naked force, took fright, and could do no other than simply shut the experiments down. A pity but it tells us what we already know: Holy Amarr shall prevail and reclaim all the stars for Empress and God."

imperial research fty mehatoor Above: Imperial Stellar Research facility in Mehatoor system

Alarm and Scorn in Diplomatic Circles at Caldari and Amarr Moves to Further Develop Triglavian Technology

Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya has expressed her "deep disquiet" at the increasing militarization and "unmistakable moves aimed at total war exhibited by the Caldari State and Amarr Empire." President Okonaya, Chair and Senior CONCORD Delegate on the executive decision-making body of the CONCORD Assembly, further voiced her "hope that these great states and empires will pull back from the precipice towards which they are rushing and, I fear, dragging all of us."

Ambassador Devan Malate of the Federation, Ambassador Keitan Yun of the Republic, and unusually Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the SoCT, joined President Okonaya at a press briefing at the Inner Circle HQ in orbit of Yulai VIII, following a weekend meeting of the Inner Circle. Elder Mentor Raish, rarely seen in public and still less given to making public statements, suggested that the dangers of any one empire exploiting Triglavian technology "at this scale and with the potential consequences we all witness in Turnur" called for interstellar co-operation and control of such development through CONCORD.

Ambassador Malate, while granting the SoCT's position has "some wisdom", expressed scepticism, noting the "remoteness of possibilities to resolve the issue of developing such technology by the old regime of voluntary sharing in pursuit of peace." Elaborating on the Gallente stance, Ambassador Malate added, "It is clear that a situation where such an imbalance in technologies of this power exists that ever more destructive conflict is a risk, and the Federation shall act to correct this imbalance by any means necesary."

For his part, Ambassador Keitan Yun responded forcefully to recent Amarr assertions of continued development of Stellar Transmuter technology: "It is plain that the Amarr Empire under Catiz has become an even more warped and corrupt entity than any of us thought possible, despite our long centuries of familiarity with Imperial double-talk and Amarrian magical thinking. There can be no peace while the Empire indulges in the mad power fantasies expressed by its militarists and expansionists like Catiz, a woman who has been allowed to cloak overweening ambition behind a facade of business acumen and rationality for far too long."

Ambassador Yun continued: "Be assured, the Minmatar Republic will act to ensure the survival of our people and the integrity of our traditional and rightful territories, no matter what it takes, no matter how long the struggle. Let me also offer a warning to the Caldari people – the Amarr are not your friends, which you know quite well, but they are not even your partners. They will turn on you at the very instant it suits their purposes. Turnur has revealed the scope of their ambition and limned their utter and total ruthlessness in a sign you cannot ignore."