BREAKING: SCC Lifts Nullsec Bandwidth Limits After Restoration of FTL Infrastructure and Supplies

New Eden News | YC121-09-16 - By Lina Ambre

Yulai, Genesis - The Secure Commerce Commission has confirmed that it is lifting bandwidth and usage limits on nullsec FTL communications via the New Eden fluid router network. The SCC states that they are doing so "due to restoration of affected FTL infrastructure and resumption of full supply of Quantum-Entangled 4-Helium across the network."

Despite the ongoing Triglavian Invasion, and its expansion into the low-security periphery, the decision to lift nullsec communications limits has been authorized by CONCORD's Inner Circle because QE 4-He production has exceeded pre-invasion levels. While Triglavian forces remain a serious threat to space commerce and logistics, the relatively low level of Drifter activity in nullsec has also permitted secure supply of QE 4-He, vital to FTL communications, to resume in full. Resources made available by the New Eden Defense Fund played a key role in the accelerated reconstruction of critical production and supply networks.

"CONCORD and the core empires have managed to overcome the loss of production facilities and stockpiles during the early stages of the invasion," one source at the SCC told the Scope. "Production of QE 4-He is now considerably greater than it was when the invasions began and strategic stockpiles of the material have been completely refilled and distributed widely. With the Drifters quiet once more, the logistics crews have managed to bring nullsec infrastructure back up to the point where it can go fully online again."

The SCC has cautioned that the restoration of full communications bandwidth is "contingent on strategic requirements as directed by the CONCORD Inner Circle and therefore service levels are subject to change, at short notice, according to circumstances."

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