BREAKING NEWS: Minmatar Dreadnoughts Launch Orbital Bombardment of Tanoo II

New Eden News | YC123-04-27 - By Lina Ambre

Tanoo, Derelik - Naglfar-class dreadnoughts of the Minmatar Republic's Brutor Vanguard have been reported carrying out an orbital bombardment of targets on Tanoo II, the capital planet of the Ammatar Mandate and Ardishapur-controlled Derelik Region.

Multiple dreadnoughts are reportedly in low orbit of Tanoo II and are attempting to strike at locations in the vicinity of planetary capital Tor-Ammat, threatening the Consular Palace, capital spaceport and numerous vital installations.

Communications with Tanoo II are confused but planetary defenses are said to be holding with installation shields and counter-ballistic weapons disrupting incoming fire. Ammatar Fleet units are scrambling to respond to an attack that appears to have bypassed system defenses and achieved total surprise.

This attack follows an earlier raid on the Inis-Ilix Theology Council station that appears to have been aimed at seizing the Khanid warlord Alar Chakaid and notorious slaver Orlon Zashev from Theology Council custody. The Scope will continue to report on this developing story.