BREAKING NEWS: Minmatar Dreadnoughts Attempting Assault on Tanoo II Destroyed

New Eden News | YC123-04-27 - By Lina Ambre

Tanoo, Derelik - The squadron of Brutor Vanguard dreadnoughts that attempted an orbital bombardment of targets on Tanoo II have been destroyed by Ammatar Fleet forces aided by loyalist capsuleers according to reports from the Amarr Certified News. Ammatar Mandate authorities are maintaining a state of emergency across Tanoo II but report only minor damage to the periphery of the planetary capital of Tor-Ammat.

The Minmatar Republic has issued a firm disavowal of the actions of the Brutor Vanguard forces involved in the attack on Tanoo II and an earlier raid on the Inis-Ilix Theology Council station. The Brutor Tribe council and Vanguard command have also disavowed involvement in the attacks. Imperial authorities are remaining tight-lipped in the immediate aftermath but these incidents are sure to feature in the deliberations of the upcoming Privy Council meeting on Amarr Prime.

Amarr and Minmatar fleets are both on high alert following the incident but are clearly exercising restraint until the confused circumstances of these attacks are clarified. CONCORD has offered its assistance to the Amarr Empire's investigation and urged continued restraint on all parties.