BREAKING NEWS: Dreadnoughts Attacking Girani-Fa III Destroyed in Orbital Battle

New Eden News | YC123-04-29 - By Lina Ambre

Girani-Fa, Genesis - The squadron of Moros-class dreadnoughts that launched an orbital strike on the planet of Girani-Fa III has been destroyed by the combined forces of the Amarr Imperial Navy and loyalist capsuleers responding to the emergency.

Girani-Fa III is under enhanced security lockdown with no communications possible with the surface through civilian channels. Scans of the planet are reportedly showing a number of subsurface energy readings suggesting the activation of underground shielding, and possibly surface-to-orbit weapons and active defenses.

President Celes Aguard has personally issued a statement disavowing the involvement of her government in the incident and ordered a full investigation into the activities of the Crux Special Tasks Group by the Federal Intelligence Office. Federal Navy units are reported to have raised their alert status but have been ordered to maintain ready status only.

Authorities across the Amarr Empire are invoking security lockdowns and a number of Royal and Major Houses have invoked wartime status for their fief troops. Reports from several heavily-populated Amarr planets indicate slave districts are being sealed and police troops rushed to key positions to forestall the threat of rebellion.


  • BREAKING: Amarr Imperial Guard Seal City of Dam-Torsad and Invoke Emergency Wartime Defense Protocols for Amarr Prime and System

  • BREAKING: House Kador Mobilizes Fifteen Legions of Royal Lifeguards; Carrier Group and Planetary Assault Dreadnoughts Sighted Leaving Dock

  • BREAKING: House Ardishapur to Deploy Multiple Carrier Groups and Heavy Battleship Wings to Kenobanala; Border Fortifications Placed on Alert

  • BREAKING: Khanid Kingdom Mobilizes Twenty Regiments of Royal Uhlans; RKN Fleet Buildup in Aridia Border Zones

  • BREAKING: House Sarum Mobilizes Family Reserves and Subsidiary Fief Troops as Massive Military Transport Movements Reported

  • BREAKING: House Tash-Murkon Merchant Fleet Activates Wartime Protocols and Family Guard Regiments Mobilize

  • BREAKING: House Kor-Azor Defense Fleets Move to Positions on Amarr Borders with Gallente Federation

  • BREAKING: Imperial Navy Genesis Fleet Deploys at Defense Positions in Ekrin, Fabas, Mih and Ubar Constellations

  • BREAKING: Amarr Delegate Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Summons Emergency Meeting of CONCORD Inner Circle