BREAKING: Drifter Attacks on Research Facilities Across New Eden Reported by Capsuleers

New Eden News | YC118-11-15 - By Lina Ambre

ORVOLLE - Reports of Drifters attacking research facilities in the territories of the "Big Four" CONCORD powers have been reported by capsuleers. The Scope has independently verified that multiple Drifter strikes have taken place and the situation is ongoing.

The apparently widespread Drifter assaults come against a background of the new "Alpha" cloning technology having been rolled out to general availability, as per the terms of the Yulai Convention's technology sharing provisions and agreements on spaceship captain access to cloning.

Following their recent acquisition of "Alpha" cloning from the SOE, the CONCORD powers have been engaged in intense military development of the technologies, establishing the ability to set capsuleer clones to an "Alpha" or "Omega" state according to available resources. The recent Blood Raider Covenant "Crimson Harvest" attacks were a significant challenge to that development but were ultimately defeated with the assistance of independent capsuleers.

If the Drifters have now responded in their own way to the emergence of new cloning technology, it seems likely that capsuleers will again be crucial to repulsing the new threat.