The Valklears are an elite fighting force in the Minmatar military. They originated during the Minmatar Rebellion.


In the great war for liberation the Minmatar tribes, finding themselves desperately lacking able-bodied men. They began pressing criminals into service, creating soldiers from their most dangerous criminals - their thieves, schemers, and murderers. The resulting force, dubbed the Valklears, won many victories and became notorious for their backgrounds. Though the leaders of the new Republic wanted to disband it, the military leaders objected and the program was kept. It has proven remarkably successful and continues to this day.



One would have to be mad to join in a Valklear unit's fifteen-year tour of duty, and among the criminal element, the rivers of madness run deep indeed.

Recruiters are sent among the various tribal courts to seek out potential recruits, who are selected based on skills, instinct, and perceived potential. Recruits are given the option of remaining in prison or joining the Valklears; since most of them are facing execution or life sentences, most accept.


Through red tape the recruits are forcibly lost in the prison system, with falsification of documents that indicate them either as having transferred to a high-security prisons, or simply executed. Either way, they simply vanish from the system. They are then put through a grueling, year-long training regime designed, quite simply, to break them. Those who fail are washed out and put back into prison with extended sentences; those who survive join the Valklears.

Active service and post-service

Recruits serve a term based on the length of their sentences or fifteen years, whichever lasts the longest. Once they finish their term, they are provided with new identities and set free. Many transfer to standard branches of the Minmatar military, where their past is hidden.

Many high-ranking officials in the Republic Fleet are former Valklears. Their true background is hidden from the public and few are aware the armed forces are run by former criminals.

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