Tunir Tash-Murkon

Tunir Tash-Murkon is the current heir of House Tash-Murkon. A market analyst and affable diplomat, he has had a considerable amount of experience working with CONCORD and the other Empires. Tunir believes that Amarr Prime can capitalize on its increasing standing as an economic capital.

Early Life

Born YC17 Tunir was 16 years old when his grandmother, Mehta, was exiled from their home on Tash Murkon Prime in YC33 to oversee the Somi constellation. This decree from Davit Tash-Murkon was in response to Mehta speaking against him after her husband, the previous heir, had overlooked their own son in favour of Davit as his replacement. Following the fallout from her grievance her whole branch were sent to the Nafomeh system. As a teen Tunir would resent the fact that he had been uprooted from friends, comfort and privilege as a result of his grandmother's actions. As he grew he would often antagonise her and his father, Shamel, who he also blamed for not being fit for the role of heir. He and his younger siblings, a brother and sister, would soon set out to be the sort of businessmen and leaders that would redeem their family and ensure their return to the core worlds.

After graduating he worked with Hedion University for many years in their efforts to develop new economic models and update imperial practices in light of expanding interstellar trade. In particular, Tunir set about establishing ties with corporate entities in the Somi constellation and quickly became popular with commercial representatives both inside and outside the Empire. He impressed with his insights and demeanour but truly made a name for himself when he oversaw the establishment of a relationship between Nurtura and TransStellar Shipping. After the Gallente were brought into the space Tunir secured a deal that would ensure that Amarr foodstuffs would be shipped and sold to Federation consumers for several decades.

Excited by the prospect of negotiating further business ties between the Amarr and other Empires and the profits it could bring Tunir started approaching corporations in all Empires. He was present for the negotiations that led to both Core Complexion Inc. entering Amarr space and Joint Harvesting entering Minmatar territories. In light of his efforts and movements he was eventually approached by CONCORD. He was soon working with them and stated that it was not only a way to gain standing outside the influence of the feudalistic houses but start on the road to fostering a truly universal marketplace. He would eventually be appointed the Amarr representative in the Secure Commerce Commision. In this role he was involved in drafting directives controlling how particular blueprints were to be distributed amongst corporate entities. One of these would become CONCORD Directive Alpha Gamma 12.

Heir Presumptive

As tensions rose between the Empires in YC110, Tunir decided to leave CONCORD and return to the Throne Worlds. He was brought to Amarr as a consultant in the Oris Emperor Family station. In this facility, Tunir evaluated and reported on capsuleer trade in Amarr and provided advice for how best to reinvest its significant profits.

This position also placed him close to the Imperial Court, which made him a valuable confidante to Catiz Tash-Murkon. He is said to be her first port of call on visiting Oris, if he has not met her shuttle himself in Dam-Torsad, and he will regularly update her on the political and economic situation of the Throne Worlds. In the past few years Tunir has even served as Catiz's proxy on the Privy Council, and he has become a far more regular presence in the Tash-Murkon domain as well. This, and his prominent visibility in influential Amarr society, frequently fueled speculation as to his potential to succeed Catiz as Heir.

Catiz Tash-Murkon herself has indicated Tunir as her preferred successor both for his great experience in international trade and to bridge past divisions in the house. As a token of this, she appointed Tunir to the position of First Trade Lord for the Tash-Murkon Family. The fact that he has also spent years managing capsuleer trade and contributing to SCC regulations positions Tunir uniquely to helm the corporate juggernaut that drives the Tash-Murkon Family. He has acknowledged that capsuleers are becoming a significant power, if only economically, and that the heir will need an understanding of the impact they're having. He has become very interested in establishing the Amarr as the most significant provider for the burgeoning capsuleer powers.

Royal Heir-elect

The Tash-Murkon family council surprised some observers of the usually fractious Royal House by swiftly confirming Tunir Tash-Murkon as the Royal Heir-elect on Catiz's recommendation ahead of the Imperial Succession of YC118 trials. More astute watchers of Tash-Murkon house politics noted that Tunir's proven ability to increase profits was always likely to provide a strong unifying potential for the commerce-oriented leadership of the family.