Sinq Laison

Sinq Laison suffered terribly during the war with the Caldari. On the front lines for much of the conflict, many small settlements were ruthlessly destroyed by small Caldari raiding parties operating a scorched earth policy to deny any industrial use of the region. It is testament to the hardiness of the human spirit that now it is economically one of the strongest regions in the Federation, ironically owing much of its rebuilding to the vast quantities of Caldari goods that are imported and traded at the many outposts and stations in the border region.

The region is home to the headquarters of Aliastra (Alillere), Chemal Tech (Doussivitte), TransStellar Shipping (Doussivitte), and the University of Caille (Bourynes). It is by far the largest region of the Gallente Federation and home to the trade constellation of Coriault, where systems such as Dodixie and Aunia act as some of the most vibrant trading hubs outside of Jita. It is also notable for the mysterious Lutins in Iyen-Oursta.

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