Semiosis is any form of activity, conduct, or process that involves signs, including the production of meaning.

Amarr Semiosis and Symbology

Major Three and Minor Three

Symbols are very important to the Amarr. Three basic symbols in particular are of vital importance to Amarr theology with, three additional symbols derived from these three.

The Major Three

The original symbol is that of a circle with a triangle at its base. This symbol represents the unity of the first men and God.

The second symbol comes from the dark times when man sinned and existed separately from God; two semicircles, one with a triangle at its base sitting above the other.

The third symbol is the Imperial Seal and represents the Empire as it exists today, with man rejoined imperfectly with God. It features a semicircle with a triangle at its base superimposed over a normal semicircle.

The Minor Three

The first derived symbol is the Khanid Royal Seal, which is the Imperial Seal inverted. It is interpreted to represent the primacy of man's law over God's law.

The second derived is the second Major symbol inverted. Though it has many interpretations, the only one that is considered correct by the Amarr is that the Imperial Creed is part of the Amarr heritage, but their future is among the stars.

The sixth symbol is too taboo for discussion. From unofficial records, it is the first major symbol inverted, thus implying man's rule over God.

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