Reania is a crew member on board the same ship as Lazar. She had long, reddish hair and thick lips when the two met, although by now her look may be rather different.

When she met Lazar, she had been there quite a bit longer than he had. She considered their capsuleer kooky but well-intentioned and agreed with Lazar the lack of mirrors on the ship is odd.

Lazar developed romantic interest in her and the two started a friendship. When Lazar began to grow ill, she cared for him - during which Lazar questioned her about the new faces on Jatek and Kralen, but was reassured when she said nothing is wrong with them. After Lazar met with the capsuleer, she additionally assured Lazar of his sanity, then subsequently slept with him, and the two began a romantic relationship.

Reania took a short break from ship work, only to return some time later with the same face as everyone else on the ship, a face she apparently shares with Lazar.

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