Luminaire is the cultural and spiritual home of the Gallente Federation, with both Gallente Prime and Caldari Prime in orbit around the same star. Although Luminaire is the home system of the Gallente and Caldari, it is not the capital of the Federation. That honour belongs to Villore. The system saw intense fighting in the year 110 between heavily outnumbered Federation Navy battle groups and the Caldari Navy fleet.

####Caldari Navy Leviathan & Escort Fleet The Caldari Navy Leviathan "Shiigeru" and its escort fleet was stationed above Caldari Prime after the fighting. It supervised the construction of a new outpost and held the Federation at gunpoint with the threat of glassing districts and nearby planets. On March 22, YC 115, the Federation Navy and accompanying capsuleers destroyed the leviathan during Operation: Highlander. The Leviathan crashed onto the surface of the planet, forever scarring it.