Lucretio Kor-Azor

Lucretio Kor-Azor (born YC 13) is an Amarr Royal Holder and a member of the Kor-Azor Family. He is a distant cousin of the current Kor-Azor Heir, Aritcio. His branch of the family rules over Nimedaz constellation of the Kor-Azor region, where they draw wealth from a variety of sources. He has recently achieved fame for spearheading the development of a revolutionary polymer synthesis technique.

Early Life

Lucretio was born in YC13. As a member of the Kor-Azor Family, he was born into luxury and prestige. He was taught by the best tutors and groomed for leadership by his family. While his father was only a distant cousin of the then-current Heir, Doriam Kor-Azor, it was hoped that Lucretio would display enough skill to be made the Heir once Doriam's time had passed.

For a while, it seemed that Lucretio may have had a chance at it. He was quite shrewd in his dealings and had an eye for talent. He surrounded himself with the best and brightest administrators and priests in the region. His business deals were quite successful, particularly in scientific interests. However, he also gained the reputation as a micro-manager and a glory-hound, which did not sit well with some members of the family.

The true impediment to his rise was Aritcio, the son of Doriam. It was considered well-known amongst the family that Doriam wore blinders when it came to his son, seeing only his positives and none of his many negatives. Despite some internal pressure on Doriam to name another member of the family to succeed him, this never came to pass.

Royal Holder

Instead, Lucretio took over the titles and domains of his father when he passed in YC 78. The Nimedaz constellation was one of the safer and more prosperous constellations in the Kor-Azor region, allowing Lucretio the ability to focus further on business instead of safety. He threw much of his energy into several tech companies, using his keen eye to select underlings and projects guaranteed to bear fruit.

One of his greatest accomplishments was the identification of Darmad Intajaf, a slave owned by one of his subservient Holders. Darmad was the son of a religious researcher and had grown in an academic background, but was sent to work in the fields by his Holder. Upon hearing about the intelligent young man in YC95, Lucretio purchased him and sent him to a proper education at Hedion University.

Once Darmad had graduated, he was sent to work in a research facility funded by Lucretio. At first, gains were few, but in YC110, Darmad proved his usefulness by leading the development of a new polymer synthesis technique hoped to revolutionize high altitude construction. Lucretio, as the financial backer, was the owner to the patents on the technique, and leveraged them into several gains for himself.

Since then, Lucretio has further invested the wealth that came from the new patent into several new projects, including several space ship projects that appear to be nearing completion.

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