Isogen-5 Abaddon

An unnamed Abaddon carrying a load of Isogen-5 was glimpsed at one point prior to a galactic cataclysm. Even though this ship had the ability to cloak, its unique signature was followed from the EVE Gate where its signal was first recorded during the events that transpired during the Amarr/Elder Fleet battle.

An enterprising Sisters of EVE ship followed it to Jamyl Sarum's private court and then to a gigantic rogue drone hive, where it appeared to be protected by the drones which were also harvesting Isogen-5. The ship appeared to have been modified so that it was almost all one mechanism with release ports, and the front as part of some type of particle emitter . A large cache of Isogen-5 on-board would indicate the Isogen-5 was either fuel or ammunition.

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