Ilash Toth

Ilash Toth was an Amarr religious reformer, most known for launching a doomed expedition to recover the Ametat and Avetat in 21432 AD. Much information on Toth has been suppressed by the Empire.


Toth was a radical theologian who espoused a return to the teachings of the Scriptures popular in earlier times, prior to the launch of the Reclaiming. Toth preached that the Reclaiming had led to a shift in the faith's fundamental message, altering it from one of quiet dignity and service to God into something overly concerned with conquest and enslaving other races for the benefit of those in power. The Holders and the emperor, he proclaimed, had lost sight of the common good and were concerned only with enriching their own power, to the detriment of both the people and their own piety.

Toth wished to dispose of the Reclaiming and free all slaves in the Empire, including the recently-conquered Ealur. The Empire would then focus on teaching about God and conversion by love, while the wealth of the Holders would be used to improve the lives of every man. He envisioned a completely egalitarian utopia where a commoner and the emperor alike would be equal in the eyes of God, their stations differing only because of the emperor's natural ability to rule and command.

At his height, Toth counted over a million people as followers, with many more approving of his message if not openly following him. While only a tiny fraction of the Amarr faith's numbers, the movement nonetheless concerned the Church and the Council of Apostles. They acted in secret to discredit him, but never openly opposed him for fear of appearing to be tyrants.

Doomed Expedition

Toth claimed to receive a vision from God informing him of the location of the Ametat and Avetat, holy artifacts that had been wielded by the first emperor, Amash-Akura. Toth said God had informed him the artifacts were taken away because the Empire had lost its way, but if Toth could recover them, it would prove his message was in the right.

A massive expedition, consisting of Toth and 50,000 followers, embarked to recover the artifacts. The search lasted for three years, with Toth reportedly growing closer and closer to uncovering the resting place of the artifacts. Eventually he came to believe he was nearly at the point of discovery and sent a tenth of his followers back to Amarr to spread the word that the Ametat and Avetat were on their way back to the Empire.

However, Toth and his remaining followers never returned and no trace of them was found. The system where those followers who had returned claimed they had left him was devoid of any indication of their fates, with no wrecks nor evidence that Toth had ever been there. Treasure hunters fell upon the system, but never discovered the Ametat and Avetat.


The ultimate fate of Ilash Toth and his followers has been a source of much speculation and conspiracy theory. The most commonly accepted answer is that the expedition met with some calamity and was destroyed, with the wreckage having long ago been picked apart and scattered. The nature of this disaster varies from theory to theory; some claim it was a group of pirates or raiders, others contend it was a critical engine failure or other ship malfunction.

However, several conspiracy theories remain popular. The most widespread theory claims the emperor, fearing that Toth would uncover the actual artifacts, sent a covert detachment of the navy after Toth. They followed Toth to the resting place of the Ametat and Avetat and then destroyed him before securing the artifacts for themselves. The Ametat and Avetat, this theory claims, remain under heavy guard in the Imperial vaults, awaiting a time when the emperor must reveal them to save his own power.

A similar but less outlandish theory claims the emperor merely used the expedition as a way to dispose of Toth. The theologian never discovered the artifacts but he was still eliminated by imperial assassins. The truth of the matter was covered up in order to prevent a public backlash.

Still other theories claim that Toth did find the Ametat and Avetat, but then departed with them to parts unknown, feeling that the Empire was doomed even if he returned. The followers he sent back, it is said, were those unworthy of following him to his new utopia.

Finally, there are some claims that Toth met with some advanced civilization, perhaps even the Jove, and was either destroyed, kidnapped for research, or willingly went to live among what he viewed as a more righteous society.

Whatever his fate, it seems unlikely the truth shall ever be uncovered.

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