Fedos are small invertebrates originating on Palpis VI. The fedo was discovered by the Amarr and has spread with the Empire and beyond due to its usefulness.

Historical Background

Amarr settlers first discovered fedos deep in the caves of Palpis VI. They soon found use for these tame creatures as an efficient source of garbage disposal. It wasn't long before space-faring vessels adopted the fedo as well despite the its pungent odor. With the discovery of the fedo's ability to withstand vacuum conditions for several hours, and its ability to eliminate bacteria on board the ship itself, ship designers soon started replacing garbage disposal features with breeding and housing pens for fedos.

Only the males are used for cleaning, but with the fedo's short lifespan in captivity, females are also needed to replenish stocks. On Amarr vessels, the pens are usually tended to by slaves, and the fedos are herded to different parts of the ship at different times. The Minmatar also make use of fedos, though on Minmatar ships, the males are simply allowed to roam freely.

Recently, the fedo has begun to fill other niches in modern society as well, such as the growing popularity of fedo fighting or its use in various genres of movie entertainment.

Distribution and Habitat

The fedo's original habitat was deep underground in the caverns of Palpis VI. On their own, the species never would have moved beyond these caverns.


Fedos are typically between 30-50 cm long and 20-40 cm high, although some larger specimens have been reported in the wild. It is an omnivorous, non-anthropod invertebrate most resembling a sponge. It has reddish skin punctuated by tiny, calciferous ridges on its back. Small, claw-like tentacles distributed around its body are used mainly for movement, though these can also serve as a limited form of defense. The female of the species has more of these tentacles, and is larger and richer in color than the male. The females also possess a tail approximately 10 centimeters long with a small opening at the end of this tail can emit highly toxic fumes.

Fedos have no eyes or ears, but are able to communicate by smell and vibration. The mouth of the fedo is a small opening on its underbelly that is lined with tiny rows or serrated cartilage,and it feeds by lowering its body over the morsels to be eaten. The digestive system of the fedo is highly inefficient, and the food will often rot well before it is digested, contributing to the creatures foul smell.

While in its natural habitat fedos can live up to several decades, in captivity their life-span is typically only a few weeks.

Reproductive Traits

Fedos have no set mating season and do not share in the raising of the young. Typically, a male fedo will only mate with a single female in its lifetime, though the female will have many partners. Impregnated females will birth between 1 and 3 in a brood, but does so within 2 days of being fertilized. A female fedo can give birth twice a week.

All fedos are born with tails and do not exhibit qualities of either sex. They usually reach reproduction age within the first 24 hours, and this is when they develop gender characteristics. The first tail falls off, with only the females regrowing them.

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