Farokh Khanid

Farokh Khanid is a member of the Amarr Empire's Privy Council.

Early Life

The early life of Farokh Khanid is cloaked in mystery and is bound up with the chaotic aftermath of the foundation of the Khanid Kingdom, following the rebellion of Garkeh Khanid against Emperor Heideran VII. Farokh was the only child of Reza Khanid, a first cousin of Garkeh who initially sided with Dakos Khanid in the brief civil war that took place within the Khanid Kingdom when the King's brother rebelled.

The failure of Dakos's rebellion led to many members of the Khanid Family being held as palace hostages to stave off future threats to Garkeh's rule. Reza Khanid was given his life by Garkeh in order to avoid further breaches within the family but was made the main hostage from that branch of House Khanid. Following this, the life of Reza Khanid becomes obscure other than brief notices in the public records of the Khanid Kingdom. Reza's marriage to Ellyria Qos an-Khanid, another family hostage, is recorded as taking place in 23047 AD, followed by the birth of a child, Farokh, in 23049 AD.

Brought up and held in the cloistered and stifling atmosphere of the hostage wings of the Royal Palace, Farokh was an obscure figure for almost a century before he was made Duke of Sib, an important constellation standing across one of the approaches to the nullsec region of Querious. This appointment coincided with his release from hostage status and elevation to the Royal Court proper of King Khanid II.

Duke of Sib

As holder of the important Duchy of Sib, Farokh has been responsible for overseeing all trade and logistics operations through his territory, together with maintaining a stable tax base to support Royal Khanid Navy operations in the area. While Farokh has spent most of his time at the heart of the Kingdom's court, he regularly visits his stronghold in Ashi system. The Duke is on the Board of Holders of Khanid Transport and is believed to be one of the wealthiest holders in the Khanid Kingdom.

Now over 300 years old, and having been Duke of Sib for over two centuries, Farokh Khanid is one of the most powerful men in the Khanid Kingdom and is a major pillar of King Khanid II's power structure. When Garkeh Khanid noted the gathering power of one of his admirals, Zidarez Tol-Jikar, his counter-play was to send an ultimatum that eventually led to the arranged marriage of Zidarez to Farokh, inducting her into the Khanid Family. As Zidarez Khanid was subsequently made Grand Admiral, the effect of such a marriage was to concentrate military and economic power in the hands of two of the most powerful people in Khanid's royal court. Quite why Garkeh Khanid trusts his cousin so much is unclear but Farokh, for his part, has done nothing to indicate an attitude other than total loyalty to the crown of Khanid.

Despite his advanced age, Farokh appears to share with his sovereign cousin the Khanid family trait of responding well to gerontological implants and has aged very handsomely indeed. The family resemblance to Garkeh has been remarked upon by many, although this has often been in the context of ironic comments as to how the even older Garkeh appears to almost be the same age as Farokh.

Regent and Royal Heir-elect

Shortly after the death of Empress Jamyl I, King Khanid II elevated Farokh Khanid to the chair of his Royal Council. Though not a significant promotion for Farokh in itself, the practical effect was to make the Duke of Sib the chamberlain of the Khanid Kingdom.

When the Imperial Succession process reached the stage of preparing for the Trials of the Champions, the King was obliged to name a Royal Heir-elect by Pomik Haromi, Court Chamberlain of the Amarr Empire. Garkeh Khanid chose to nominate Farokh as his Heir-elect and even went so far as to declare Farokh the Regent of the Kingdom in his absence.