Dr. Adad's Wild Time

Dr. Adad's Wild Time is a popular Amarr holo show. Millions of children watch the show across the cluster.


The show stars Cherall as the clown Dr. Adad, Samne as Professor Playtime, and an unnamed woman as Miss Melody. The show primarily focuses on Dr. Adad's clowning, with additional segments including Miss Melody's Melodies and the animated Adventures of Mr. Wayward and Friends.


The show primarily focuses on entertaining children while teaching them about the Scriptures and other religious lessons, including Dr. Adad frequently leading the audience in prayer. The show has been approved by the Theology Council for the edification of children and it is sponsored by Kor-Azor Holders. It is filmed and broadcast from studios on Nakregde II.


The popularity of the show at one point led the Bleeding Hearts of Matar to attempt to sabotage it by kidnapping first Samne and then Cherall's daughter, in an attempt to force Cherall to renounce his faith live on the air and subsequently cancel the show. The attempt failed, to Cherall's great personal cost.

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