Cherall, better known by his stage name Dr. Adad, is an Amarr clown, children's entertainer, and religious educator. Cherall has an ex-wife, Tadama, and a daughter, Prandi.

Dr Adad's Wild Time

Cherall is primarily known for his holo show Dr. Adad's Wild Time, where he entertains young children by combining acrobatics, clowning antics, and cartoon presentation with religious messages. He has been doing his show for nearly 30 years and has achieved millions of viewers and the approval of the Theology Council. The show is sponsored by Kor-Azor holders.

Terrorist threat

Cherall met with the daughter of one of the sponsors, Fimiris, before one of his broadcasts. Though he expressed annoyance in being bothered prior to a broadcast, he gave her an autographed holopad and reminded her to treat her slaves well. He then began his broadcast, where he entertained the crowd with extensive gymnastic feats.

During the broadcast, he revealed that Professor Playmate had left the show. After the show, he was called by his wife, who told him that their daughter has been kidnapped. Cherall got in contact with the kidnappers, the Minmatar terrorist organization the Bleeding Hearts of Matar, a splinter group of the Bloody Hands. They wanted Cherall to publicly renounce his faith on air and cancel the show.

Cherall revealed this to his wife, and told her that his partner of 30 years Samne, who played Professor Playmate, was kidnapped and murdered by the Bleeding Hearts two days prior after Cherall refused the same request. When it became obvious Cherall would not give in to their demands, Tadama angrily hung up and promises to go to the police, despite the threats. Cherall went on with his show despite his heartbreak.

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