DioCore is a space industry corporation noted for its work on drone blueprints.


DioCore founded by two brothers in YC99. DioCore's main field of activity was in the field of blueprint research, with a particular focus on drones. They remained bereft of funds and staff for an extended period of time, although the brothers reportedly used the time to gain experience in operating space craft, and establish a net of contacts.

MindChill involvement

A few early blueprints were promising, but these failed to materialize into anything more substantial. DioCore eventually attracted investment from the Gallente venture capitalist corporation MindChill and were able to establish research facilities in space, but lack of funds threatened the continued existence of the company. A single potentially breakthrough project eventually attracted the attention of potential high-level customers and the DioCore directors managed to sign a deal with some of them, but all with the condition that DioCore finished researching their blueprint first.

Takeover attempt

At this point MindChill, who had insider knowledge of DioCore operations and issues due to their prior involvement with the company, took on the task of securing further funding. In reality, MindChill was delaying their efforts with the intention of weakening DioCore's market position. Several investors declared they wanted to back out of deals with DioCore, while MindChill began buying DioCore stock at wholesale prices.

Eventually MindChill attempted a takeover of the corporation, putting forth an offer that would give MindChill a majority in DioCore for a sum that, while very low in business terms, would just barely be enough to let DioCore finish the research project and land the drone deal.

After the attempt

DioCore countered the takeover attempt by convincing a private investor to make an offer that, while not very high, nonetheless easily beat out what MindChill had put on the table. The investor's offer included a condition that shares would be kept in the company, and would, if accepted, severely dilute MindChill's own share.

The DioCore board - which included Jon Mondo, a Gallente MindChill representative - was reportedly divided on these offers, Mondo having secured the support of several other board members. Mercenaries were hired to guard DioCore facilities from possible sabotage, and DioCore directors only moved between systems with highly trained fighter escorts acting as bodyguards.

The board meeting was finally held at DioCore headquarters under military style security. It went in favor of the private investor by a single vote, and released DioCore from the threat of takeover.

DioCore went on to achieve considerable success with their drone product lines and is today considered a prominent and solid company.

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