Whether engaged in trade or combat, the Civire are absolute masters of focused aggression. Highly competitive individuals, they thrive under chaotic circumstances and frenetic activity. They are often employed in highly stressful industrial and military professions due to an innate ability to think quickly on their feet and remain composed under pressure.

Racial Traits

Civire males typically follow a strong, inflexible moral code, and often see the world in rigid terms of black and white. Never at ease when idle, they identify themselves through their work and expect others to do the same, often at the cost of personal relationships.

Like their male counterparts, female Civire strive for excellence in the pursuit of all endeavors. Their strict devotion to a moral code makes them highly judgmental of those who fail to live up to the Caldari standard. Renowned disciplinarians, they are also great teachers, and proudly embrace the responsibility of passing the Caldari way on to the next generation.



The cold discipline of Caldari society does not appeal to everyone, nor is everyone happy with the stranglehold that corporate rulers have on everyday life. While not outright rebellious, dissenters nonetheless invest considerable time and effort in trying to change the system from within. The State keeps a close eye on these individuals.


Many Civire have a deep fascination with the brutality of battle. For these brazen individuals, the promise of steady combat is what drives the eager sale of their own services to the highest bidder. Some even hail from families who have followed the mercenary tradition for generations, albeit within the shadows of society.


Civire are not usually known for business acumen, but when they choose to engage in business affairs they conduct themselves with the same aggression and confidence as they would on the battlefield. To them, business is a battle of wills, to be pursued with focused vigilance and ruthlessness.

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