Brothers of Freedom

Formerly an extremist labor movement in the State, the Brothers of Freedom led a widespread revolt against corporate security forces on a number of Caldari planets a number of years ago- some time before Tibus Heth's vastly more successful revolt of a similar nature- after 65,000 protesters were killed by Caldari paramilitary forces while trying to force their way onto a CEP station in the New Caldari system. After months of dogged pursuit by Caldari authorities, the riots were put down and most of the leaders were killed or arrested.

Some of the leadership, including the ringleader Melarius Torvil, did manage to escape the final Caldari Navy operation that crushed the Brothers' movement. Torvil and a small group of associates fled to the Minmatar Republic and applied for asylum from Caldari persecution, which was granted by Prime Minister Midular's Gallente-friendly government.

Today, though they have been largely eliminated as a major force in the State, the Brothers of Freedom continue to spread anti-corporate propaganda and speak out against the CEP's government in the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Nation, as well as outlying State settlements and facilities.

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