Boundless Creation

Boundless Creation was established as a symbol of hope, a nationalist beacon in the darkest days of a fledgling Republic. Its shining light, a research facility to rival even the best the Federation had to offer, was to be an incubator for Minmatar talent, a place where scientists would have the tools and the support to compete on a cluster-wide scale. "Home-grown technology by Minmatar, for Minmatar" quickly became a part of the company's buoyant rhetoric. Whether it was true or not was of little consequence; the slogan made for great PR. Media outlets scrambled to profile the company, politicians lauded its vision, and celebrities lined up to endorse products that were years away from a production line.

The board of directors included members from all major tribes. Not only was this group a representative mix designed to underscore the endeavor’s patriotic significance, but they were also proved to be the single largest contributing factor to the near demise of the company. From the very beginning, petty rivalries and selfish ambitions divided the board members, each of whom attempted to use the company to further personal or political agendas. Time and money were wasted in pursuing pet projects and pipe dreams with no demonstrable commercial application. Their favoritism slowly turned the research teams against one another, as the teams pandered to the whims of upper management in order to secure funding or gain access to limited resources.

Years later, the company had still not produced a single successful product line. Minor breakthroughs were quickly undermined by cheaper or better offerings from more established competitors, while half-baked research projects and experimental prototypes languished as resources dwindled. Only one single team, a small group of Sebiestor researchers, managed to make any meaningful progress. Working on what was considered by many to be a dead-end project, the team survived because they were low cost and relatively self-sufficient. With the company on the verge of bankruptcy, the board, ignoring protests from the research team, ordered an immediate demonstration of the technology, which was a selective catalytic process that, when applied to compatible technologies such as shield boosters produced significantly higher yields without consuming the catalysts themselves. The board was attracted to the prospect of a technology that could turn the company's fortunes around.

Spearheaded by the technology, now refined, patented, and mass produced, Boundless Creation slowly found its way to profitability. Strategic partnerships emerged that allowed the company to establish itself as the primary supplier of ship subsystems to the Republic Fleet. Its patented predictive location algorithm is still regarded as the de facto industry standard. The algorithm is used in most modern tracking processors.

In the years since, Boundless Creation has established itself as one of the cornerstones of the Republic's financial resurgence. A stable, if somewhat unexciting, company that has never achieved the heights first envisioned years ago, the company is one that has inadvertently become the standard bearer for one of the Minmatar peoples' most defining characteristics: unyielding determination.

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