The Achura have been part of the Caldari State for three centuries, and yet their culture has always remained something of a mystery. Originally from the Saisio system, they are reclusive and introverted, and show little interest in the ephemeral phenomena of the material world. Intensely spiritual, Achur pilots have only recently taken to the stars, driven in large part by a desire to unlock the secrets of the universe.

The Achur homeworld is Saisio III, simply referred to as 'Achura'.

Racial Traits

The Achur male is reserved in manner and a master of disguising his own emotions. Never rash or impulsive, he meditates on every decision of consequence. Compassion is not alien to him, but his tendency to focus on the big picture makes it easy for him to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term benefits.

Female Achur are highly regarded teachers and mentors. Driven by their intense interest in the metaphysical world, they are brilliant scientists and keen observers of the world around them. Yet despite their remarkable intellect, they are humble, patient, and capable of empathizing with anyone.



According to Achur beliefs, those who can reach inwards and sense the interconnection between all things are capable of accessing the universal consciousness, returning from it with novel ideas. For the Achur, inventions are almost regarded more for their spiritual implications than scientific significance. Creativity is thus a cherished attribute amongst the Achur, with inventors held in high esteem.'


'Thousands of monasteries are scattered around the Saisio System, operated by dozens of different monastic order. While each order has its own code of conduct dictating behavior and lifestyle, they all adhere to a fundamental belief: only through an understanding of the universe can the soul be perfected.'


The spritualism of the Achur is not an organized religion, but the Achura nation nonetheless holds seers and visionaries in high esteem. While the Achur refuse to attribute this vision to supernatural ability, they will acknowledge the Stargazer as possessing a profound awareness and understanding of the living universe'


The Celestial Imperative

There are a series of missions that can be accessed through use of the Caldari Graduation Certificate that divulge more information on Achur spiritualism. In this story arc the pilot will come in contact with Aviekko Ta, who requests various tasks be completed relating to an ongoing search for missing relics stolen from 13 Achur temples.

The sacred pieces believed to be from the Rod of the Creator were stolen from under the supervision of the Achur religious order. The Caldari State has pledged enormous resources toward tracking down the thieves. However, the Elder Visionaries of Achura, unsatisfied with the pledge and not trusting of the Caldari government, sought further action.

They devised the Celestial Imperative. Atoa Issa took leave of his prominent position within the Caldari Navy to oversee the search for the perpetrators of the crime, as well as the relics themselves. Together with Seer Chakai Potan, representative of the temples of Achura, he controls the resources the Achur government and the temples have supplied to fund their investigation.