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EDENCOM is the New Eden Common Defense Initiative, a semi-autonomous military command set up by CONCORD and the "Big 4" core empires to aggressively prosecute the war against the Triglavian Collective's invasion forces in YC122. With access to massive financial resources from the New Eden Defense Fund, EDENCOM organizes the fortification of threatened systems and the defense of New Eden by fleets and troops drawn from CONCORD and the empires.



CONCORD's Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security (AEGIS) was set up in response to increasing losses of interstellar shipping in YC120.

When the Triglavian Invasions began in YC121, AEGIS became responsible for orbital defense and planetary fortification co-ordination.

As the Triglavian Collective pressed its invasion campaign forward in YC122, AEGIS became the central military command for EDENCOM's efforts to increase the defenses of New Eden systems.