Youth Gangs Defiant In The Face Of War

New Eden News | YC110-07-30

Pator – Excitement still runs high across the Republic in the wake of the Elders' rescue of the survivors of Starkmanir, and the youth of Matar are among the most galvanized in support of the war.

Youths of Brutor Tribe especially are commonly seen on streets and stations these days demonstrating in support of the war, in some cases chanting Te'Rauhaka (ancient tribal songs of victory), or reciting some of the more fiery speeches of figures such as then-Parliament Head Malaetu Shakor.

Idolization of newly-minted Sanmatar Shakor himself appears to be running at an all-time high. A number of the aforementioned youths have been reportedly wearing prosthetic lenses on their eyes, presumably emulating the blind appearance of Shakor and other descendants of the original Defiant lineage.

While all indications are that such demonstrations have been peaceful, there are unconfirmed reports of some groups accosting individuals who do not show full support for the continuing warfare against the Amarr.