Yonis Ardishapur arrests head of Ammatar Fleet

New Eden News | YC111-02-04

Derelik - Admiral Einkur Aro, head of the Ammatar Fleet, was taken into custody today on the orders of Ardishapur family head Yonis Ardishapur. According to a statement released by Ardishapur, the Admiral is being charged with dereliction of duty, failure to prevent mutiny, and treason. This is apparently in response to the numerous defections from the Ammatar Fleet that occurred following the Elder Fleet invasion last year.

The action has shocked many across the Mandate and in the interstellar community, who had viewed the Admiral's position as safe following six months of inaction by Amarrian and Ammatar officials. Ardishapur dismissed the time period as an unimportant factor. "It matters not when God's justice is delivered, only that it is done. Now that I have ensured stability in the Mandate's leadership, I can begin the process of curing the rest of its many ills."

Ardishapur went on to condemn the Admiral's actions on the day of the Elder's invasion. "The Ammatar Fleet was cast into chaos, had massive desertions, and was generally wholly ineffective in efforts to even slow down the advance of the Minmatar. Grand Admiral Aro, as the one in charge, is totally responsible for the failures and actions of his men. Had he been a better leader, such catastrophes would never have happened. He shall be tried before God for his failures and shall face his punishment."

The sudden action has put many Fleet officials on edge, with one top officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, claiming "We're all uneasy about it. The Grand Admiral wasn't the only one who could shoulder the blame for that day. There's no telling where it might stop."

Ardishapur has refused to comment on any rumors of a purge, only stating "I have yet to decide how deep the ineptitude in the Fleet runs. Those are questions to answer another day."

Admiral Aro is being held in Sasta under guard, awaiting transport to Ardishapur Prime for his trial.