Yonis Ardishapur announces public works

New Eden News | YC110-10-19

Ardishapur Prime - Yonis Ardishapur, Heir of the Ardishapur Family, today announced his intentions to enact a massive public works campaign inside his domain in the coming month.

"Empress Jamyl has issued a mandate. Those who give to the Empire will be given back in kind. I plan on giving my all for the betterment of the Empire," Ardishapur stated. "The Empire was raised on the backs of our faith, traditions, and piety. In these times, it is important that all men and women of the Empire are reminded of the words of the Scriptures. We must help them learn our rules."

The first step of Ardishapur's plan is a massive construction initiative. Hundreds of cathedrals, schools, and monuments are scheduled to be constructed. Several of the smaller projects are expected to be completed within the next week, thanks to the extensive use of prefabricated parts and the requesitioning of large numbers of slaves.

There has been some criticsm of the plan from outside Ardishapur's domains, focusing on the huge expendiature of funds the project entails. Ardishapur has dismissed the criticsms, saying, "The benefits it will bring to the Empire will greatly offset the costs."