What are Articio’s intentions for renowned scientists?

New Eden News | YC106-02-20

Speculations are flying now that the Guristas have revealed that they sold the famous Crielere scientists to Articio Kor-Azor, one of the Amarrian royal heirs. Articio has hitherto not shown much interest in scientific pursuits, let alone those advocated by the Crielere pair - that of science being used to further mankind indiscriminately. Those that best know the mindset of Articio say that he will undoubtedly exploit the knowledge the pair possesses to further his own career and talk of weapons of unparallel power and ships with uncanny abilities hardly imagined by others than Jovians.

Some hoped that the Amarr Emperor, Articio’s father, would step in and apprehend the scientists from the clutches of his son, but these hopes have been dashed by a statement from the Imperial Chamberlain, which explains that the Amarr Emperor does not interfere with domestic policies of the royal heirs and that the matter is out of his jurisdiction. Though the Emperor is here obviously hiding behind legal excuses, for the Emperor is unquestionably the supreme ruler within the Amarr Empire, there is little that outside forces can do if the Emperor has his mind set on doing nothing.

Meanwhile, some harsh speeches against Articio have been heard in the Federal Senate, as well as in the halls of CONCORD. He is condemned for so callously and overtly engaging in human trade, buying the scientists like he was shopping for a new hover car. Prominent members of the Federal Senate, CONCORD officers and university authorities the world over have joined hands in urging Articio to release the scientists immediately so that they can be rejoined with their families and continue their noble work for the good of all mankind. Articio, being a man that respects only strength and power, has laughed off these feeble pleas.