Walkai Terraforming Industries Lead Scientist Missing

New Eden News | YC107-08-22

In a disturbing development for the troubled Walkai Terraforming Industries Corporation, a lead scientist was today reported missing.

The scientist, whose name has not been disclosed, was reportedly heading the corporation's recent terraforming project. Sources close to his family have stated that he has not been seen for the past week, and no sightings have been reported by the public.

Concord officials confirmed that they had begun investigations into the disappearance of the scientist at the behest of Walkai Terraforming Industries.

When asked if they suspected kidnap or murder, officials stated that it was too early to speculate, although the possibility has not been ruled out.

This is the second setback to hit Walkai Terraforming Industries’ latest terraforming project, after one of its initial transport convoys was attacked by pirates en route to Iivinen.

WTI CEO Kentanen Koimota was not available for comment.