Voice modification surgery leak discredits Serena Nova; withdrawal of backers lends credibility to claims

New Eden News | YC117-01-28

LUMINAIRE - This morning several major news outlets, including the Scope, received packages containing medical documents indicating voice modification surgery on a patient named as "Alice Moreaux". Additionally, the packages of material contained identification paperwork indicating this to be the real name of Gallente Presidential candidate Serena Nova.

The Scope has not yet established the source of this leak, and initial investigations have confirmed the absence of fingerprints, DNA or other traces on the packages. It seems clear that whoever is behind the leaks was careful to take precautions against being identified. The use of an anonymous courier service to deliver physical packages and avoid electronic channels further suggests extreme care to avoid being traced. While the Scope's investigation continues, it is likely the originator of the leak will not be identified.

In the wake of the leak, and the rush to publication by the more intrusive outlets that received the material, speculation among those who support Nova's candidacy is that this must be an attempt by another candidate to discredit her. Nova supporters have declared their unadulterated loyalty. One supporter, a gentleman of obvious means and professional bearing who wished to remain anonymous told us, "I feel what was done to meet the needs of the entertainment industry does not affect her abilities as a politician." More forthright supporters have claimed the incident has only strengthened their support, suggesting that it portrays Nova as "more human, with the same flaws we all share".

Some have pointed out these documents may be counterfeit. Nevertheless several financial backers of the Nova campaign have withdrawn their public support and funding. We sought contact with notable corporate backer Egonics Inc. and have confirmed they are no longer backing Serena Nova's run for the presidency. The official position from Egonics Inc. was that, "they do not support and would not wish to promote an atmosphere in which artists feel forced to undergo such procedures; moreover the concealment of this type of modification raises questions as to the integrity of the candidate".

We have contacted Serena Nova's campaign office but were given no further comment other than, "there will be a public response to this situation soon". Coming so near to the close of voting these revelations have the potential to swing many potential votes away from Nova and to any of the other candidates.