Violence Spikes Across The Federation In The Wake Of Incursion

New Eden News | YC110-07-23

Luminaire – Reports released today by Federal Administration revealed a sharp rise in personal and property violence across the Federation in the month following the Caldari incursion.

The most striking numbers in the report are those from Luminaire itself. Vandalism and property crimes rose 16% from the previous six-month average. Personal crimes (assault, robbery and homicide) have also increased – averaging 6% higher than over the previous half year.

University of Caille professor Jules Lechard, author of Crime – A Study in Contrasts , attributes the sharp rise to increased stress and uncertainty as to the future of the tense stand-off in Luminaire, as well as general anxiety in response to the advent of stellar war.

"It is not at all unusual in times of uncertainty for criminal activity to spike," said Lechard in a remote interview. "A certain percentage of the population will always jump to the worst case scenario, and thus will see no further point in conforming to the norms of society."

Lechard hastened to reassure readers that the chances of an individual Federation citizen being a victim of crime remain quite low. "This does not signal the end of civilization. It's important to keep perspective on such things," he stated emphatically. "As an average Luminairian, your chance of being killed by someone you do not know remains at historically low levels."

Professor Lechard expressed confidence that, for better or worse, once the citizens of the Federation adjust to the new status quo the crime statistics should return close to normal values. In fact, he stated there is a possibility that crime rates could even dip in the face of increased national pride.