Upwell Victorious in Federation While Restrictions Apply in Caldari State

New Eden News | YC126-06-12

The Gallente Senate and Caldari Chief Executive Panel have both approved Upwell workforce transfers shortly after the first Upwell clone bodies became available.

Gallente Prime

Labor-Populists Besmirched as Upwell Transfer Bill Sails Through Senate

Villore, Essence - The Gallente Federation Senate has passed a bill allowing Upwell workforce transfers within the Federation. The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority thanks to support from both Progressive Union and Federalist Liberals. President Aguard, a vocal proponent of the new transfers, welcomed the results as “a victory for the public good.”

The Labor-Populists opposed Upwell’s workforce contracts but were unable to secure cross-party support for their position. The New Sociocrats and Intaki Autonomists both abstained from the vote despite initial signs of opposition to the transfers. Villore insiders have informed the Scope that the two parties were keen to distance themselves from the Labor-Populists following their recent controversy.

Over the last few weeks, Labor-Populists have come under fire for their past associations with Thibauld Tailler, the outspoken leader of the Gallentia Primacy. The Primacy has been in the news recently following a failed attack on Intaki Prime. A former senator and Labor-Populist party member, Tailler, was removed from the party for his Ultranationalist views. The party has denounced Tailler and condemned the Primacy, but this has been undercut by recently circulated holoreels of party members endorsing Tailler for the senate. The endorsements predate the FIO’s discovery of Tallier’s terrorist connections but have damaged the party’s reputation nonetheless.

How the recent embarrassments and Senate defeat will impact the long-term future of the party remains to be seen. Whatever the outcome, today marks a significant victory for the Progressive Union and Upwell.

Executive Panel

Chief Executive Panel Allows Restricted Upwell Transfers

New Caldari, The Forge - The Chief Executive Panel has voted 5 to 3 in favor of allowing Upwell transfers, albeit under strict conditions. The megacorporations voted along faction lines, with the Forest Faction voting in favor and the Ocean Faction voting against. The vote was passed thanks to a last-minute decision by the Mountain Faction to support the transfers.

The Mountain Faction, which consists of the Sukuuvestaa and Kaalakiota megacorporations, has long been associated with security and stability within the State. Following a meeting between Sukuuvestaa and Upwell executives last week, the faction presented the Panel with an amended proposal. The new proposal included additional restrictions on transfers granting greater control to Caldari corporations and the State.

The amended proposal includes the right to deny transfers on the basis of active corporation interests or State reservation requirements. This gives a transfer applicant's current corporation the right to block a workforce transfer if they deem the individual necessary to their operations. It also allows the State to deny the transfer of individuals it considers important to State interests, and to limit transfers to ensure a sufficient pool of reserves is available for future services to the State.

The decision has been regarded by economic analysts as a loss for the Ocean Faction but only a pyrrhic victory for the Forest Faction. Akimaka Saraki, Chairman of the Chief Executive Panel, told the press at an announcement on New Caldari that “stability is achieved when two sides apply equal pressure, and compromise is won when neither side can claim a true victory.”

News In Brief

  • EDENCOM reports suspicious redeployment of Triglavian reinforcements in Pochven.

  • CONCORD releases intel on updated Sansha tactics as the Nation shows greater reservation in committing motherships to incursions.

  • New NET Resonators in specialist ship designs under scrutiny by CONCORD for “suspicious origins”.

  • Gallentia Primacy terrorists found guilty of conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism on Intaki.

  • Alexander Ducasse holds gala in Ourapheh to celebrate release of SKINR for ships platform.