Upwell Stock Rises on News of Successful Moon Mining Tests as KSE Closes Ahead of State Workers Union Day

New Eden News | YC119-09-01 - By Yasda Hadoka

New Caldari - Upwell Consortium bonds on the Kimotoro Stock Exchange rose in price by several points on the Billion ISK Interstellar Trading index (BISKIT), with news of successful testing of new moon mining technology in the consortium's capsuleer-compatible virtuality over the past few days.

The burst of trading in Upwell corporate bonds was the most significant activity in the period leading up to the KSE's annual closure for the weekend before Union Day on Monday. The annual Caldari State holiday will be celebrated by the megacorp cadres of the CEP's State Workers Union while the Chief Executive Panel's Leadership Board of CEOs meets for its yearly State Industrial Planning Summit.

There are rumors that SIPS YC119 will be attended by representatives of the Amarr Empire to establish deeper ties between the State megacorps and the Imperial administration of Empress Catiz I. This follows the apparent intervention of Empress Catiz with the CEP over the matter of re-opening State borders with the Gallente Federation in the wake of the Kyonoke Crisis.

It is understood that certain corporate leadership echelons considered the Amarr Empire's move divisive and a potential infringement on internal corporate sovereignty in the Caldari State. Imperial and State diplomatic sources have indicated that using the occasion of the SIPS summit on State Workers Union Day for a meeting to address such concerns ideally combines an atmosphere of patriotic celebration with vital State business.