Turnur Survivor Charged with Treason After Calling for Desertions

New Eden News | YC125-06-12 - By Ret Gloriaxx

turnur i rep parl damage Above: Aftermath of the Turnur Incident at Republic Parliament station in orbit of Turnur I

Turnur Survivor Charged with Treason After Calling for Desertions

Pator, Heimatar – The writer and Turnur survivor, Kamí Día, has released a holoreel calling for Republic troops to abandon their posts. The holoreel has been covertly distributed by Día’s supporters throughout the Republic’s military. It contains a recording of her condemning the Republic for its failure to protect smaller clan holdings from a recent rise in criminal activity and pirate attacks. According to Día these attacks are the result of the Republic’s desire to embrace new technologies such as its new "Itinerant Forge" project.

Her ire is particularly aimed at the Republic’s investigations into Stellar Harvester technology, the same technology responsible for the Turnur event which wiped out her own clan. According to Día, “Far from the front, your people are burning. Listen now to the crackling flames, for they call you home. When the fire came for my people, the Republic could not hold it back. Will you trust them to save yours?”

Kamí Día is a survivor of the Turnur I disaster, and the author of the bestselling “From the Flames”, a collection of her lost clan's songs and legends. It also contains poems and philosophical essays written by Día herself. The collection is critical of the Republic and its interest in Trigvlavian technologies. These criticisms have struck a chord with many among the smaller clans who feel abandoned by the Republic, earning Día a dedicated following.

In her own writings, Día refers to the Republic as an “unworthy echo of Old Matar’s glory”. Old Matar is the name she gives to Minmatar society prior to the Amarr occupation. While historians and archaeologists claim that the tribes of the Minmatar united millennia prior to their expansion into space, Día believes that this is a misrepresentation of the true spirit of the Matari people.

According to Kamí Día, their ancestors were more focused on their own clans and a spirit of individuality than the tribes or unification: “The Republic demands control while pleading for unity. The true Matari heart burns with a yearning for independence.” She holds that this independence would often be characterized by acts of violence and dominance, with displays of force being preferable to attempts at diplomacy.

rep flt base amo Above: Republic Fleet military facilities in Amo system

Republic Military and Security Forces React to Threat of Sedition

Amo, Metropolis – Hetman General Kanth Filmir has condemned the holoreel as an “inexcusable act of sedition”. A warrant has been issued for Kamí Día’s arrest on charges of treason by the Republic Justice Department, but as of yet her location is unknown.

General Filmir said: “Día is clearly troubled and driven to instability by an unimaginable tragedy. However, this in no way excuses her actions. Turnur was a catastrophe of Amarr's creation and to claim the Republic did not do its best to save lives is unequivocally false. Kamí Día herself escaped the fate of the rest of her clan aboard a Republic evacuation ship. The war we fight now we fight on the behalf of those who were not so fortunate. We must be united against our true enemy, the Amarr, not descend into petty squabbles.”

When pressed on the truth of Día’s claims regarding recent criminal and pirate activity General Filmir responded that, “Republic Fleet forces are dedicated to the defense of our people first and foremost. Kamí Día has no interest in defending those people, only in living out a twisted warrior mythos entirely divorced from the truth of Minmatar history.”

Despite the General’s warning, a number of military service members have gone absent without leave since the holoreel began to circulate, and there are reports of a number of Republic Fleet vessels disappearing. The Scope has received reports of Minmatar ships attacking Republic units investigating abyssal phenomena or performing research into Triglavian technologies. These forces identify themselves as the “Ashes of Turnur”, in a reference to an essay in “From the Flames” in which Kamí Día uses ash as a metaphor for a culture born out of great destruction saying, “Ash cannot be bound, it is not consumed by the flames but flourishes in their aftermath”.

rep fleet capitals anchored Above: Republic Fleet capital fleets have been placed on high security alert

News in Brief

  • Imperial Navy Prepares for Initialization of Stellar Transmuter and Shipcaster Following Construction in Ohide and Mehatoor

  • Public Protests Across Megacorporation Estates in Caldari Territories Suppressed as Resistance to Rationing Goes Underground

  • Gallente Federation Group of Industrial Corporations Led by Jacus Roden Sign Agreement on Automation with Federal Administration

  • Heavy Fighting Between CONCORD's DERAIL, SARO, Allied Mercenaries and "Renegade Warclones and Rogue Drones" Reported in Eugales

  • Republic Security Services Deploy Agents to Key Military Sites as Reports of Dissent Among Some Military Circles Grow

  • Existence of "Lancer Dreadnoughts" Formally Acknowledged by CONCORD Powers as Licensing Agreements Under Yulai Convention Signed

  • Unconfirmed Report from Eugales Planets IV and VI Claims "Sudden Appearance of Svarog Clade Siege Elite Mechanized Troops"

  • Breakthrough on Compression, Transport, and Storage of Materials in Planetary Industrial Operations Ready for Colonial Deployment

  • Amarr Ministry of Internal Order Sanctions Several Minor House Holders on the Authority of the Imperial Privy Council

  • BREAKING: Contact Lost with CONCORD Monitoring Station on Eugales Planet IV Following Reported "Multiple Antimatter Detonations"

  • BREAKING: SARO and DERAIL Forces in Orbit of Eugales Planet V Execute "Condign Sanction" on "Terrorist Orbital Structures"

  • BREAKING: Failing Localcast and Fluid Router Connnections Reported in Atmosphere and Orbit of Eugales Planets V and IV