Triglavian Abyssal Filament Technology Present in Data Sites, Confirms Reporter Embedded With Thukker Raiding Party

New Eden News | YC120-05-29 - By Ret Gloriaxx

UNKNOWN - Reporting exclusively for the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, veteran journalist and frontline reporter Ret Gloriaxx has confirmed that certain data sites scattered across New Eden and Anoikis can contain the Triglavian transport technology known as "Abyssal Filaments".

Embedded with a Thukker Tribe deep-space raiding party, Ret Gloriaxx has been able to witness two separate operations: one against an Angel Cartel fortified data site at a classified location in New Eden; another against a Sleeper data storage vault deep within Anoikis. Gloriaxx also reports that the Thukker raiding party he is embedded in has been challenged by the DED's SARO forces on at least one occasion, but was able to avoid any conflict and withdraw in good order after recovering the filament technology.

Thukker sources indicate that they have been recovering the technology in the course of widespread operations in New Eden against various criminal organizations, such as the Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, and Sansha's Nation. Other raids in operations against Sleeper sites have also yielded the "Abyssal Filaments".

Ret Gloriaxx continues to be embedded with Thukker forces and the Scope will continue to report on developments.