Tribal Court Decides for Urban Management

New Eden News | YC111-10-09

Trytedald - Today, in a split decision, the Vherokior tribal court sided with Urban Management in the case of Hagori v. Urban Management , effectively ending Oguko Hagori's attempt to reclaim lands on Trytedald III. Previously owned by his family prior to the Minmatar Rebellion, the land had been confiscated by the Republic government and had been returned to public use.

As many had suspected, the decision in the case hinged on whether or not the the land was considered abandoned. The Vherokior court pointed to the lack of any claim by Hagori's family since the Rebellion, citing it as evidence that the family had relinquished their claims. While Hagori maintained that the de facto state of war between the Mandate and the Republic made such claims, even if they had been filed, unlikely to be acknowledged, the court decided that the fact there was not even an attempt to do so was in effect a relinquishment of the family's right to the land.

At the moment, what that means for the many other similar lawsuits is unclear; however, most legal scholars agree that the decision raises the bar for further attempts by Nefantar immigrants to reclaim previously held property in the Republic. Nefantar tribal leaders have so far been silent, a move seen by many parliamentary insiders as an attempt to avoid such a hot-button issue with the pending tribal assembly closing in.