Tribal Council Approves Upwell Workforce Transfers

New Eden News | YC126-06-05

Sanmatar addresses crowd

Tribal Council Approves Upwell Workforce Transfers

Heimatar, Pator - The Tribal Council has ruled that Upwell workforce transfers will be permitted within the Minmatar Republic. The transfers will enable individuals to transfer their consciousness to new Upwell workforce clone bodies. The ruling followed an extended Tribal Council assembly for which the seven Tribal Chiefs were sequestered for weeks.

Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor delivered the ruling to a public assembly in the Great Caravanserai on Matar, “The Council has agreed that the life of every Minmatar citizen is their own to do with as they choose” he explained. “The freedom of Republic citizens to become capsuleers has long been upheld. Though joining an Upwell workforce will mean very different conditions, the choice remains the same.”

“I urge any considering Upwell’s offer to think carefully about whether it is truly the right path for them, but we will not bar them from walking that path as free Matari. For those who would accept the transfers, I will assure you that no matter the body you wear, you will remain with us as fellow children of Matar.”

The speech was received with applause by some, and disbelief by others. Sebiestor Tribal Chief Acassa Midular praised the ruling as she exited the assembly, calling it “an open door to innovation”. Meanwhile, the decision was criticized by the Brutor Tribal Chief Wkumi Pol who told the press, “Today we owe the citizens of this great Republic an apology, for we have failed in our duty to protect them from the ravages of predatory greed.”

The Upwell Consortium celebrated the Tribal Council’s decision, as the Minmatar Republic became the first nation to ratify Upwell workforce transfers. Recently leaked documents have revealed that Upwell has been lobbying influential political figures across New Eden. The Tribal Council was quick to dismiss any implications of coercion, however, and even Tribal Chief Wkumi Pol described the suggestion as “wild rumors. We are responsible for our own folly.”

With the Republic’s announcement, pressure is mounting for the Caldari, Gallente, and Amarr to make rulings of their own. What those will be, only time will tell.

News In Brief

  • Intaki Security Forces arrest four in connection with thwarted Gallentia Primacy attack.

  • Wanted terrorist Thibauld Tailler broadcasts a rant against the Intaki, President Aguard, and Upwell.

  • Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir praised capsuleer intervention in the Abyss at a memorial for EDENCOM fallen.

  • Ganortchar Asabona, CEO of Khanid Innovations, was ordered to pay record compensation by the Judge after losing EverMore defamation case.