Tragedy in Elarel -- Premiere of Ultra! Goes Horribly Awry. Pres. Foiritan to perpetrators,

New Eden News | YC106-03-31

This just in: the star-studded premiere of the controversial new HoloReel "Ultra!" was disrupted by a massive attack of mysterious vessels believed to be mercenaries.

After a prolonged and intensive attack on the Rent-A-Dream Pleasure Gardens complex in Elarel, the site of what would have been the Ultra! Premiere Party, the station was destroyed and many lives were lost, many Gallentean HoloReel stars believed to be among them.

Shortly after the attack, President Souro Foiritan appeared on the scene with Federation Police escort, and alluded to previous threats received by Federation intelligence. When asked for a statement to those responsible for this attack, President Foiritan said simply, "You will pay."

More details forthcoming.