Top Geneticist slain in Ferira

New Eden News | YC107-04-20

Late last night, one of the leading authorities in regenerative genetics, Professor Mkauna Nkumi, was found dead in his research facilities in Ferira system.

Concord police say that they currently have no leads as to the motive of the attack. However, the sheer brutality and utter rage this murder appears to have been conducted in, is allowing criminal psychologists to narrow down the search considerably. Logs also indicate that the professors clone, which was kept in a special facility adjacent to his laboratory, was deactivated mere minutes before his death, preventing him from resurrecting.

Professor Nkumi, well known for his contributions to the field of regenerative genetics is most famous for his work into cloning technology. His methods and discoveries caused an immense increase in clone efficiency, helping to bolster public confidence in the technology. Lately however he had been coming under fire from several prominent anti-genetics groups, who claim that his most recent research into post-mortis regeneration breaks all kinds of ethical and legal barriers. Because of this, Concord investigators are interviewing several protestors which have been known to commit violent acts in the past.

Nkumi was a very solitary scientist, who always preferred working alone. It was this preference of solitude which means that his body was not found for over 4 weeks. Even then police were only alerted when the research facility technicians noticed an increasingly pungent smell emanating from his laboratory.

Police are also on the lookout for the professors’ personal ship, which along with a large portion of his departments’ research funds has been stolen. Officials are urging anyone with evidence to come forward. In a press conference the chief of police in Ferira said, "What would normally be a simple case has been made complicated by the time frame. All normal trails have gone cold so we are asking anyone who has any information regarding this incident to come forward. All information will be held in the strictest confidence".