Thukker Caravans to Take Lead as Minmatar Work Together on Wormhole Exploration

New Eden News | YC111-03-14

Pator - The Thukker Tribe announced their intentions to collaborate closely with the Minmatar Republic in any effort made by the tribes to explore wormholes. With several caravan masters expressing interest in exploratory missions, the news of "non-natural signatures" in the wormhole system explored by the CreoDron team has heightened the interest of all the Minmatar tribes. The Thukkers are especially keen in teaming with the other tribes, having recently lost an entire Great Caravan to a solar event.

"This becomes not only a matter of exploration but also of security," explained Admiral Elias Gortf of the Republic Fleet. "Our latest scans indicate wormholes of varying stability are cropping up in our home regions, and we must determine what the potential threat may be."

The Thukker Mix corporation is drawing up a list of the most experienced captains from the science and exploration-oriented caravans; the Republic Fleet and other Minmatar tribes will provide experts in security, electronic systems, and salvage operations. Multiple expeditions are expected to set out very soon from Republic and Great Wildlands ports in search of stable wormholes in the name of exploration.