Theology Council announces official day of mourning for Malkalen victims

New Eden News | YC110-05-17

Avair - The Theology Council has officially announced an Empire-wide day of mourning for the victims of the tragedy in Malkalen. As the death toll continues to rise, with even conservative estimates expecting it will increase into the hundreds of thousands, the Theology Council has called for all Amarr to "take a moment and offer a prayer for the souls of our dear Caldari friends."

The statement further read, "Among those on the station when it was attacked were many Amarrians. However, when such tragedy occurs, it matters not that the lives were Amarrian, when they are the lives of our friends and allies. An attack on the Caldari State brings hurt to the heart of the Empire as well. We must not forget this in these dark times ahead."

Though falling short of outright condemning the attackers, the statement did end by saying, "It is not for us to judge the souls of the perpetrators of this atrocity; they will come to rest in the place that they deserve."