The Scope – Caldari State Completes Interstellar Shipcaster Project

New Eden News | YC125-05-05

The Scope – Caldari State Completes Interstellar Shipcaster Project

Alton Haveri reports on the Caldari State's completion of the first Interstellar Shipcaster project as the culmination of Caldari loyalist capsuleer efforts in the so-called "Shadow War".

News in Depth

shipcaster linked arderonne open Above: State Interstellar Shipcaster online in Onnamon system

Caldari State Interstellar Shipcaster Completed and Operational in Onnamon

Onnamon, Black Rise – The Caldari State has completed the construction of a working Interstellar Shipcaster in the Onnamon system, following a high-intensity campaign by Caldari loyalist capsuleers to acquire the necessary Triglavian data and construct advanced infrastructure combining Caldari research into a newly-developed transport technology.

The Caldari State's completion of the State Interstellar Shipcaster project in Onnamon system places a valuable strategic asset in the militia warzone HQ system of the State military. The Interstellar Shipcaster is capable of projecting forces to up to three destination beacons located in the Caldari-Gallente militia warzone, with Caldari Navy command designating locations for construction according to strategic priorities.

The achievement is a major victory for Caldari State Protectorate militia capsuleers. The efforts of Caldari loyalist capsuleers were critical to the program to acquire Triglavian stellar technology by any means necessary, and combine it with the State's grasp of Triglavian transport relay technology to produce the Interstellar Shipcaster.

The Caldari State lead in acquiring Triglavian technologies, and developing them into a strategic network of installations, can be traced back to the "Serthoulde Campaign" in which the State successfully maintained control of the Athounon system. The State's access to Triglavian transport relay facilities hidden in Athounon and the Serthoulde constellation gave them a key head-start. This control and the construction of a new stargate connection between Athounon and the Caldari industrial system of Samanuni was also due to the dedicated efforts of Caldari State capsuleers.

Caldari Navy Executive General Heika Torigo expressed her congratulations to Caldari militia capsuleers, hailing their achievement as, "a shining example of the indomitable spirit of the Caldari Way." General Torigo was joined in this by Chairman Akimaka Saraki of the Caldari Chief Executive Panel. Chairman Saraki declared: "No other people can match the resolute determination and unwavering dedication of the Caldari. Today we have seen this demonstrated in full by our State Protectorate capsuleers and many other loyal citizens of the State."

state stellar transmuter op Above: State Stellar Transmuter fully operational in Elonaya system

Shipcaster Network Brings Stellar Transmuter Fully Online in Elonaya System

Elonaya, Lonetrek – The completion of the State Interstellar Shipcaster, and deployment of its network of beacon constructors across the Caldari-Gallente warzone, has also brought online the new Caldari Stellar Transmuter in orbit of the Elonaya system's central blue A0 star. Caldari authorities have been quick to emphasize the State Stellar Transmuter is a "mature technology" and that State scientists and engineers have a "clear understanding of the operating limits of the new stellar transmuter installation in Elonaya."

Despite these assurances some among the population of Elonaya have expressed misgivings at the sight of the Stellar Transmuter interacting with the system's star. A relatively small system clustered around the small blue sun, Elonaya's innermost barren planets are largely the domain of automated mining and smelting operations, together with experimental stations and heavily protected underground barracks. Most workers rotate from the most heavily-populated planet, the temperate world of Elonaya VIII.

Orbiting 2.33 AU from the central star, Elonaya VIII is considered an ideal colonial world, with a wide band of easily inhabited and exploitable terrain on its surface of continents and oceans. The large arcologies on Elonaya VIII are by far the greatest centers of population in the system and are the permanent home of most workers on the industrialized inner barren and lava planets, and the orbitals of the outer gas planets. A certain amount of public protest and disruption has been reported in some of these arcologies with megacorporation administrators attributing this to "malcontents and anarchists."

The majority of space-industrial interests are focused on the orbital system of Elonaya X, with its mineral-rich moons and convenient access to chemical products of the outer gas planets. Megacorporations such as CBD and Lai Dai are known to have little tolerance for dissent, making it all the more notable that protests have taken place. In addition, citizen worker representative councils authorized by other megacorps with a presence on Elonaya VIII, such as Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa, have reportedly featured persistent questions to executive administators as to the Stellar Transmuter's impact on the system.

beacon renarelle op Above: Caldari State Shipcaster Beacon operational in Renarelle system

In Other News

  • Chief Executive Panel Congratulates Caldari State Protectorate Pilots on Shipcaster Project Completion

  • Research and Archaeotech Activities of Society of Conscious Thought Attacked by New Guri Malakim Pirate Grouping

  • Gallente Federation Declares Concern Over "Premature Utilization of Stellar Transmuter Technology" by Caldari

  • Lai Dai Megacorporation Given Contract to Supply Maintenance Ships and Crews to State Stellar Transmuter

  • Akimaka Saraki Chairs CEP Session Discussing Next Steps in Exploitation of Triglavian Technology by Megacorps

  • New Protests Break Out on Intaki Prime as Fears Grow of Future Shipcaster and Permanent Federal Military Presence

  • CDIA Report Claims Guri Malakim Coalition of Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates "Exploiting New Mutual Interests"

  • Amarr Empire Remains Silent on State Shipcaster and Stellar Transmuter as Imperial Privy Council "Reviews Situation"

  • State Engineers Claim Stellar Transmuter in Elonaya Operating Within "Expected Parameters"

  • Angel Cartel Dominations Leadership Pursuing "Relatively Peaceful Strategy" in Espionage and Tech Smuggling say CDIA

  • CEP Spokesperson Dismisses Federation Concerns as "Transparent Hypocrisy Aimed at Domestic Gallente Elites"

  • Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Awarded New Mining and Smelting Concessions by Chief Executive Panel

  • 24th Imperial Crusade Retake Oyonata System Isolating Tribal Liberation Force in Sosan Pocket

  • Society of Conscious Thought Grateful for "Interventions of Capsuleers Against Ruthless Guri Malakim Pirates"

  • Shipcaster Beacons in Arderonne Repeatedly Destroyed as Caldari Command Attempts to Direct More Forces to Serthoulde

  • CBD and Spacelane Patrol Pickup Contract to Run Escorted Supply and Passenger Flights Between Onnamon and Elonaya

  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Expresses Hope Caldari State "Continues Safe Approach to Stellar Transmuter Technology"

  • Small Triglavian Recon Groups Detected in Elonaya and Onnamon with Caldari Navy "Ready for Triglavian Interest"

  • Protests in Lai Dai Arcology on Elonaya VIII Reportedly Quelled with Sonic Pacifiers

  • Guristas Pirates Implicated in Several Heists of Research Materials from Installations in Black Rise